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Thursday, 24 September 2009 14:26

Bay Township
9-18-09 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Dominic A. Insana, 5036 West Fremont Road, $26,200.

Carroll Township
9-16-09 Dorothy Wargowsky to Gregory J. and Tricia G. Tallman, 9634 West Toussaint East Road, $4,700.
9-15-09 Philip and Dawn Peters to Thomas E.and Stacy M.Barron, 2420 North Carroll Erie Road, $89,500.

Clay Township
9-18-09 Dennis A. and Anna M. Counterman to Dustin R. Alexander, 2331 North Opfer-Lentz Road, $88,000.
9-16-09 Jansen Clay Knickerbocker to Lyle J. and Eloise E. Hellwig, split from Moline Martin Road, $61,695.
9-14-09 First Federal Bank of the Midwest to Rita S. Gillingham, 6706 West Camper Road, $68,000.

Genoa Corp
9-15-09 Bryan L. and Sara B. Hanthon to Sara Ann Sander, 415 Buckeye Street, $127,000.
9-15-09 Georgia Alice Felbinger to Thomas E. Frederick, 1301 Main Street, $85,000. 

Catawba Township
9-18-09 Daniel J. and Rani M. Kindl to Marc Christian and Jan Kay Troeger , 5114 East Blue Teal, $324,900.

Danbury Township
9-18-09 Mark A. and Kathleen Sawka to Peter J. and Jennifer Goumas, 2281 South Commodore Court, $245,000.
9-18-09 Ray William and Ara Dean Leurck to David G. and Kerryann Hurlbut, 431 Central, $215,000.
9-15-09 Henry B. Kihlken, Ann Kovach Schmidt and Mary Barcley to Board of Trustees Danbury Township, 4.5911 split Lot 4 Section 4, $55,093.

Erie Township
9-18-09 Richard A. and Edna C. Ivanoff to Christopher A. Sheaves, 1220 Richey Road, Lot #37 Dock #87, $25,000.

Harris Township
7-16-09 Fifth Third Mortgage Company to Wendy S. and Jerry L. Hartford, 1713 Elliston Trowbridge Road, $36,000.
9-14-09 Christine M. Walton to Jeffrey M. Hetrick, 2260 Harris Salem Road, $123,500.

Port Clinton City
9-18-09 Michelle L.  Fick tp Stephen H. and Bridget M.Dolin, 823 Fulton Street, $109,900.
9-18-09 Thomas R. and Emogene K, Bryan to Robert P. Walker Jr. and Heather S. Walker, 411 Jackson Street, $79,500.
9-14-09 H. Max and Donna J. Brewer to Hal F. and Diane L. Hawk, 200 West Lakeshore Drive #6, $185,000.

Salem Township
9-16-09 Fern D. Baumgartner to Constance M. Trimble, 410 Church Street, $21,000.
9-16-09 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Keton M.and Brandi R. Perkins, 221 Harvest Lane, $78,000.
9-15-09 Mary Alice Teagarden to Howard Ballard, 438 East Water Street, $101,000.


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