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Clay Township
6-10-09 Randolph N. and Paulette M. Rudes to Jeremy S. and Abigail S. King, 19661 West Zwicker Road, $30,000.
6-10-09 Eugene and Beverly Kadas to David and Jill Spieldenner, 2567 Martin-Williston Road, $230,000.

Catawba Township
6-9-09 Brook I. Araguz to Robert C and Patricia C. DeGroot, 2598 Sun Valley #104, $70,000.
6-9-09 Kells L. and Joan L. Pugh  to Daniel V. and Penny A. Kurtz, 45 Harbor’s End, $147,000.

Danbury Township
6-10-09 Joseph M. and Gretchen L. Colon to Meghan H. Dougherty, 9566 East Bayshore Road, $85,000.
6-10-09 Lakeshore Development , LLC to Delma J. Beck, 9886 East Bayshore Road #17, $170,000.
6-9-09 2004 LLC to Mansfield Cement Flooring, Harborview, Willow Cove, $80,000.

Marblehead Corp.
6-11-09 JTR Associates Limited Partnership to Summit Properties of Akron, LLC, 121 West Main Street, $205,000.
6-9-09 Kathy A. Mohr to Patten Producing Company, 10654 Bayshore Road, #71, $236,000.

Harris Township
6-10-09 National City Bank to Craig M. and Amy K. Reiter, 17770 West Riverside Drive, $32,500.

Portage Township
6-10-09 Kimberly D. Appleman to James L. DeFriece and Shannon M. Johnson, 1152 South Lake Street, $27,295.

Port Clinton City
6-11-09 Donna J. Coleman to Zoe H. Edwards, 321 Washington Street, $55,500.

Salem Township
6-8-09 Donald W. and Geraldine Schultz to Pamela J. Butzin, 11540 west Salem Carroll Road, $135,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
6-9-09 Glenn D. Evans to US Bank, 210 West Ottawa Street, $20,000.

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