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Clay Township
4-6-09 Ward D. Otte, et. al. to Rothert Farm, Inc., State Route 51, $130,000.

4-9-09 Marilyn J. St. John to Jeffrey D. and Lexie M. Jacobs, 23668 West Manor Drive, $122,500.

Genoa Corp
4-8-09 John Hrovatich to Fedreal National Mortgage Association, 402 Castle Cove, $103,334.

Catawba Township
4-9-09 Richard J. and Kimberly A. Bolt to Mario and Polly J. DiCocco, 1000 Lost Lane Drive, $365,000.

4-9-09 Leslie D. and Susan M. Smeach to Bronis Eden, 1859 NE Catawba Road, C-19, $13,000.

4-9-09 Leslie D. and Susan M. Smeach to Bronis Eden, 1859 NE Catawba Road, Unit 104, $62,000.

Danbury Township
4-6-09 Dohio Company to Nicola T. and Mary Russo, 162 Perry View Road, $65,500.

Harris Township
4-9-09 Dara Pauline Anstead to Gary W. Bach and Deborah L. Johlin-Bach, 18647 West SR 105, $304,000.

Elmore Corp.
Portage Township
4-9-09 Stephanie and James Brossia to Lawrence J. Logsdon, 2235 East Sand Road, $84,100.

Port Clinton City
4-6-09 Kenneth J. Hauck to Bridget M. Dolin, 1801 Perry Streeet, #18, $185,000.

4-8-09 Donald Nielsen to Roberto and Kari George, 1143 Lee Avenue, $114,500.

4-8-09 Sunshine Marshall to US Bank National Association, 417 East Third Street, $60,000.

4-9-09 David R. and Laurie Mandell to Dori J. Krejci, 806 Sixth Street, $136,000.

4-10-09 William M. Trader, Jr. and Judith Collin Trader to Richard G. and Pamela C. Ryan, 513 B5 West Lakeshore Drive, $139,500.

Put In Bay Village School
4-6-09 Patricia A. Bauer to Michael F. and Eve M. Goebel, 139 Windward Way, $176,000.

4-8-09 Ruth S. Booth to Patricia A. Thwaite, 629 SR 357, $185,000


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