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Fallacy of fracking

To the editor: Regarding John Szozda’s article in the Feb. 17 issue of The Press about energy companies and how fracking might produce many jobs in Northwest Ohio; these same business corporations and the Republican party told us giving huge tax breaks at the federal, state and local levels would produce many jobs. All it has done is create a windfall for the corporations and destroyed the ability of government at all levels to help the people.

Now oil companies and Republicans, like our governor, are telling us fracking is the new job creator. The truth is fracking causes earthquakes, as it did in northeast Ohio and other parts of the country.

To frack, chemicals are pumped at high pressure into the ground, contaminating drinking water.
Albert Kapustar

Editor’s note: According to a study published last year in the Journal of Geophysical Research, the earthquakes in the Youngstown area were more likely caused by the pumping of fracking wastewater into a 9,200-foot-deep injection well rather than the fracking itself. After the state ordered the well closed the earthquakes subsided.


Show homegrown pride

To the editor: I would like to suggest using the old Jeep plant property for a “from-the-beginning” museum. The rich history of this vehicle demands a museum and we are “The Home of the Jeep” – from the Willys to the Grand Cherokee of today. Make it a family experience, with a attractions for children – perhaps include battery-operated drivable Jeep Wranglers kids can ride on sand dunes, rocks and mud. There could also be a rock-climbing wall mini-assembly line where they could build their own toy Jeeps. Offer tours of the Jeep Assembly Plant as an additional option.

With our interstate and airport accesses being so attractive, this is the best use of the land and a way to show our pride in a “homegrown product.”
Jeannie Herrick

Voting rights, wrongs

To the editor: Gov. John Kasich has just become the latest addition in the GOP’s attempt to keep certain groups from voting.

It seems to me that the “voter fraud” being perpetrated on this country is by those who don’t like the idea that their ideology is no longer accepted by the majority of people in this country and the growing minority population. President George W. Bush had an investigation into this matter and they found that there was no “there” - there.

When a party has to rule by fear and lies, it is no longer a viable party which should be taken seriously.
Jeff Pitzen

Editor’s note: No-fault absentee voting was introduced in Ohio in 2006. In 2012, the Ohio Association of Election Officials commissioned a bi-partisan task force to study the issue. The panel’s report and recommendations can be viewed at the OAEO’s website.

Forgotten victims

To the editor: I needed to again address the issue of the two innocent victims of a wild animal like Dennis McGuire.

Not only did he rape the mother but killed her and her unborn child.

Not once in Donald Rozick's letter did he mention the real victims of this most horrid, degrading act of violence.

I respect his opinion but he didn't show any compassion to the families of these victims. What about their loss? What about the pain and suffering that happened when this wild animal did this?

How long they did they suffer? Why would McGuire not be put to death? The proof was there. Justice has been served. I wonder how you would have felt if it was your daughter and grandchild who were killed?

This needed to stop. I am not willing to pay for this wild animal in jail.

May God bless the families of these two innocent victims.
Joann Schiavone




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