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Week of 12/09/13
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Thursday, 05 December 2013 15:39

Benton Township
11-27-13 John W LaFountain to Andrew M, Kevin M and Kathy S Fox, 1690 North Stange Road, $224,000.

Bay Township
11-27-13 Port Clinton DG LLC to Cole DG Port Clinton LLC, 1124 West Fremont Road, $1,284,200.

Genoa Corp.
11-27-13 Mary C Hesselbart to Brandi E Baird, 407 4th Street, $87,000.

Catawba Township
11-26-13 Kellie L Wagner to Wells Fargo Bank, 4404 East Konker, $75,000.

11-26-13 Frederick C and Mardith Siedel Hany to Evelyn Johnson, 90 North Harbors End, $150,000.

11-26-13 James E and Dianne R Harkin to Jennifer H Stewart, 4255 Chatham Drive, $267,000.

11-26-13 Hugh A III and Iris Stephenson to Veronda K Meikle, 4753 East Woodland Drive, $217,500.

11-26-13 Ronald J and Michelle D Malloy Vorisek to Martin D Harayda, 4089 North Croghan Street, $54,000.

11-27-13 Dennis L Ward to Deanna A Shaffer and William Chappelear, 1395 North McCloy Avenue, $231,800.

11-27-13 Allan and Deborah Stein to Robert Joseph Smaldino, 1378 NW Catawba Road, $85,000.

Danbury Township
11-25-13 Michael E. Griesbach and Richard E. Griesbach to Daniel E. Griesbach, 2459 Port Pleasant, $60,000.

11-25-13 John B. and Kimberly Morrisson to Professional Auto and Truck Services, LLC, East Bayshore Road, vacant land $40,000.

11-25-13 West Harbor Lagoons to Doreen Hart, 1510 North Buck Road, #50, $75,400.

11-26-13 Brian K and Kelli O Rhoad to Mary V Gibbons, 269 North Sackett, $148,000.

11-27-13 Kathleen Johnson to Erin Bilski, 2318 South Meter Road, $60,000.

Erie Township
11-26-13 Richard Mackey to GRA Legal Title, 3950 West Harbor Road, $210,000.

Port Clinton Corp.
11-25-13 Bacak Trust to Harold A. Dann , 535 East Ninth Street, $106,000.

11-26-13 Vera V McGee to Robert D McGee & Colleen Cook, 1306 East Second Steet, $51,500.

11-26-13 Jefferson St Properties LLC to Day & Day LLC, 217, 225 and 239 Jefferson Street and 207 East Third Street, $420,000.

11-27-13 Michael H and Kristen B Abney to Joy C Dowling, 218 West Fifth Street, $84,000.

Portage Township
11-25-13 National Bank of Ohio to Kurtis W. O’Flaherty, 51 North Shawnee Drive, $80,000.

11-25-13 Winkoe, LLC to Randy J. Smith, 4125 East Kirk Road Unit 13, $69,000.

11-25-13 Winkoe, LLC to Donald P. and Betty L. Schrock, 4125 East Kirk Road Unit34, $58,000.

11-25-13 Winkoe, LLC to Janet G. Pierce, 4125 East Kirk Road Unit 214, $34,900.

Salem Township
11-27-13 Fred J and Karen S Rinehart to Timothy A and Barbara J Bloom, 8272 West Mud Creek Road, $25,000

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