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Week of 5/20/13
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Monday, 20 May 2013 09:26

Bay Township
5-7-13 Deutsche Bank to Wendy Wright, 2760 South Mulcahy Road, $40,000.

5-10-13 Terrance E. and Annette J. Robson to Rodney and Shannon Williams, 675 Toledo Street, $273,000.

Carroll Township
5-10-13 Billy P. Schrader to Gary and Rebecca Miller, Lot 4037 Wild Wings,$35,000.

Clay Township
5-7-13 Virginia P. McQuillen to Courtney R. Imbery, 2178 North Kathy Lane, $119,000.

Genoa Corp.
5-10-13 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jeremy King, 608 West 4th Street, $56,000.

Catawba Township
5-7-13 William L. Rayburn to The Catawba Moorings, Inc., 5297 Grrenview Drive, $27,000.

5-9-13 Archie C. and Nina K. Stinson to Hekron Investmet, Inc., 3930 Wine Cellar Road, $235,000.

Danbury Township
5-6-13 Mark A. and Brenda L. Bishop to Valdemar  and Erika Suchy, 242 North Steele Road, $106,400.

5-6-13 John H. and Parline P. James to James A. and Joan M. Kafer, 538 Bridge Road, $122,000.

5-6-13 Vembia Stepanian to Joseph H. and Marjorie A. Busby, 1669 South Heritage Lane, $110,000.

5-6-13 Marilyn J. Infield to WHNR Enterprises, LLC to 121 Fourth Street, $190,000.

5-7-13 M.V.P. Ltd to Christine H. and Gary R. Stevenson, 2226 South Emerald Shores, $80,000.

5-7-13 Melvin Stickney to Jennifer and Gerald M. Filut, 1825 Bayview Drive, $15,000.

5-8-13 Petros Homes Inc. to Donald and Susan Hess, 2060 South Bailiwick Lane, $315,000.

5-8-13 Joe Caliguire to Michael J. Greash Jr. And Barbara J. Gresh, 9343 East Bayshore Road, $200,000.

Harris Township
5-7-13 Fowler-Clouse Holdings, LLC to Denise R. Paule, 19190 Spouth West Portage River Road, $100,000.

5-9-13 William J. and Lisa A. Rauch to Bryan W. and Briana L. Rauch, 944 South Benton Carroll Road, $278,250.

Portage Township
5-6-13 RWD Adventures, LLC to JDM Structures, LTD, 2656 East State Route 163, new split $68,000.

5-6-13 RWD Adventures, LLC to J&D Island Development, LLC, 2656 East State Route 163, new split $135,000.

5-6-13 Andrew Grover and Kim Fravel to Carl Roth, 2126 State Road, $69,300.  

Port Clinton City
5-7-13 Keith and Mary Porier to Bradley and Meghan Kirk, 509 Linwood Court, $132,000.

5-10-13 John W. Harrington to Rene’ L. Miller, 272 Clinton Reef Drive, $110,000.

5-10-13 Hugh and Heidi Wheeler to Christopher and Brenda Mazur, 308 East 11th Street, $139,900.

5-10-13 Thomas D. and Sharon M. Krupp to Charles James IV, 210 Ash Street, $80,000.

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