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Week of 2/25/13
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Thursday, 21 February 2013 14:20

Allen Township
2-11-13 Charles and Jacqueline Everly to Alyce M. Zuccarell, 20944 Yale Street, $69,000.

2-11-13 Lee Gilsdorf to Warren L. Connor, West State Route 579, vacant land$15,000.

2-15-13 Diana Lach to Julie Welch, 20910 West Yale Street, $124,900.

Benton Township
2-11-13 Alvin Stiffler to Wade and Jean Sharlow, 13057 West Duff Washa and vacant land West Duff Washa, $220,000.

2-11-13 Nathan T. Gaines to Jamie Lee Arthur, 16886 West Railroad Street, $6,500.

Carroll Township
2-15-13 Katherine A. Kelly to Richard A. Slutz, 9289 West Duff Washa , $44,000.

Clay Township
2-11-13 Donald and Orpha S. Lewis to Federal Home Loan Corporation, 2190 North Centerfield Drive, $46,667.

Genoa Corp.
2-14-13 American Legion Post #324 to Anthony K. and Melinda S. Wiciak, 201 3rd, new split $8,000.

Catawba Township
2-11-13 James T. Dowling to Theresa and Terry Wilkins, 3775 East Pine Drive, $140,000.

2-11-13 Edward G. Greene to Robert E. Greene, 5398 East Greenview Drive,$2,895.

2-15-13 Charles and Claudia Walls to Daniel and Rebecca Gorenflo, 1623 NE Catawba Road #131, $38,500.

Danbury Township
2-15-13 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Dale E. Parker, 5686 State route 163 Unit A16, $62,400.

2-15-13 Dortha E. Landis to Ty M. Brown, 189 North Laser Road Lot #15, $63,000.

Marblehead Corp
2-15-13 Bay Point Aquis to Michael and Amy Brediger, 118 Bay Breeze Drive, $707,500.

Erie Township
2-11-13 Mary Ellen Houston to Thomas R. and Deborah M. Coatoam, 1220 west Richy Road, $15,600.

Elmore Corp.
2-15-13 Elmore Holdings, LLC to Dennis and Patricia Rodgers, 451 Rice Street, $85,500.

Harris Township
2-13-13 Winnie Chasten to Douglas W. Trautman, 18634 West State Route 105, $123,000.

Port Clinton City
2-13-13 Deno and Denise Toccaceli to Dom and Nate, LTD, 1737 East Perry Street, $400,000.

2-13-13 Richard C. and Lucille M. Smith to Jack E. Meyer, 527 East Eleventh Street, $80,000.

2-15-13 Samuel and Linda Gomer to North Coast Property Link, LLC, 1801 Perry Street #3, $92,000.

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