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Allen Township
11-14-12 Keith E. and Constance K. Rettig to Federal National Mortgage association, 22601 West Front Street, $50,000.

11-16-12 Robert E. Samsen to Scott F. and Kristi M. Lau, 0Walbridge Road, $60,000.

Clay Center Corp
11-13-12 Darrick S. and Samantha Applegate to Vincent J. Bugaj, II, 230 Second Street, $70,000.

Benton Township
11-16-12 Chad T. Gargas to Dennis C. and Laura A. Jensen, North Stange Road, $355,000.

11-16-12 Mary Margaret Clere to Kenneth Ray and Larry Clere, 15191 West Toussaint North Road, $66,500.

Bay Township
11-13-12 Jesse and Hazel Ruth Rister to Leslie R. and Brenda S. Rister, 6149 Boysen, $50,000.

Carroll Township
11-15-12 Gaylord F. Tice to LPT Farms. Benton Carroll Road, vacant land $142,000.

Clay Township
11-13-12 Trenton A. Scaggs to Denise Martinez, 2790 North Fourth Street, $4,500.

11-14-12 Samuel L. and Sarah Colvin to Michael and Linda Ash, 22196 North Elmwood, $111,000.

11-14-12 Mark D. and Cheryl A. Kenbrandt to Wells Fargo Bank, 2825 North Scott Court, $86,667.

11-15-12 Dustin R. Alexander to Joseph W. and Kelly A. Mead, 2331 North opfer Lentz Road, $100,000.

11-16-12 Dolores Currier to Harmyer Farms LTD, South Billman, $811,00.

Genoa Corp.
11-13-12 Beneficial Financial Inc. to Brian T, Pearson, 206 Washington Street, $22,920.

11-13-12 Karen J. Cooley to Lynn M. Ramsey, 906 Cherry Street, $124,000.

11-13-12 John F. Brice Jr. and Gina L. Brice to Eric James Burkey, 307 West 9th Street, $123,000.

11-13-12 J.B.I. Real Estate Partnership to Matthew A. Weaver, 305 Main Street, $90,000.

Catawba Township
11-14-12 Gary O. and Samantha L. Gruss to Ricky A. and Deanne M. Smith, 5318 East Schoolhouse Road, $178,000.

11-14-12 James F. and Nona L. Bonheimer to William F. and Sarah M. Sullivan, 4701 Tradewinds, $341,000.

11-15-12 H.E.F. Inc to Larry Makila, 5491 & 5505 East Burtram, $47,000.

11-15-12 Sunshine Land II, LLC to Douglas C. and Sharamaine Sauer, 2691D Chateau Drive, $345,000.

11-16-12 J. Calvin Alban to Robert A. and Sherry L. Chaney, 5857 Cedar, $180,000.

Marblehead Corp
11-13-12 Nevalee O’Neill to Arthur F. Gouker & Catherine Brennan-Gouker, 4437 East Forrest Glenn, $405,000.

11-14-12 Van A. and Phyllis Workman to Federal National Loan Mortgage Corporation, 10654 East Bayshore Road, $200,500.

11-15-12 Gary W. Burke to Jeffrey S. and Veronica Fisher and Michael S. and Candace K. Kelly, 3423 South Memorial Shoreway, $145,000.

Erie Township
11-13-12 Rose Marie C. Dosztal to Craig J. Schabel, 151 south Thomas Drive, $174,500.

Harris Township
11-13-12 Kathy Jaworski to John A. and Julia M. Bergman, Linker Portage Road,  $55,000.

Port Clinton City
11-13-12 Laurie Schultz to Jim Gregory, 232 Cedar Street, $39,500.

11-14-12 Andrea Martinez to American International Relocation Solutions, LLC, 604 East Tenth Street, $105,000.

11-14-12 American International Relocation Solutions, LLC to David Johnson Jr. and Leandra Molnar, 604 East Tenth Street, $105,000.

11-14-12 Elizabeth L. Adkins-Mennecke and Charles Mennecke to Eagle Beach Enterprises, LLC, 224 Lincoln Drive, $62,000.

11-16-12 Ruth A, Weisenauer to Erin Steinbrick, 644 Orchard Drive, $73,000.

11-16-12 The Bank Of New York to Judith Callihan , 645 laurel Avenue, $50,000.

Put In Bay Village School
11-16-12 Edward C. Hesseman to Scott M. Puch, 766 Duff Road, $53,000.

Oak Harbor Corp
11-16-112 Marjorie L. Zak to Dale A. and Amanda K. Mitchell, 155 East Main Street, $94,000.




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