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Week of 11/12/12
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Thursday, 08 November 2012 14:06

Allen Township
10-30-12 Mark J. and Debbie S. Chapinski to Matthew S. and Sasa L. Toflinski, 6249 Old Stone Trail, $44,900.

11-2-12 Carl E. Neundorfer to Julie L. Adams, 22629 State Route 579, $77,800.

Benton Township
10-31-12 Norma Cordell to Brad and Angela Schling, 4604 North Elliston Trowbridge Road, $240,000.

11-2-12 Lowell Meyerholtz to Daniel Mosher, State Route 590, vacant land $640,000.

Carroll Township
10-31-12 Fannie Mae to Bobby P. Gross Jr. and Cindy Gross, 6391 Teal bend, $37,000.

Catawba Township
10-30-12 Thomas R. and Frances T. Poggiali to Mary Beth and Dale A. Ruther, 2800 D Canterbury Circle, $225,000.

10-31-12 WW Emerson Company to Louis C. and Cynthia Sue Ball, 3515, 25, &35 East Wood Hill Drive, $20,000.

10-31-12 Catawba Bay Builders LLC to Carol Krieger, 5343 East Swan Drive Unit K-2, $325,800.

11-1-12 Glenn A. Spohn to Michael E. Londway, 2865 Shad Row, $310,000.

11-2-12 John and Joann Leite to Martin and Amy Ball, 5294 East Marina Avenue, $300,000.

Danbury Township
10-29-12 Safe Harbor Development Ltd to Frank Ardis Jr. and Janet L. Ardis, 5686 State Route 163 Unit A-11, $65,000.

10-31-12 Behlke Properties, Ltd to Dock of the Bay Park LLC, 6538 East bayshore Road, $1,200,000.

11-2-12 Ingrid Fuller to Garry and Toni Stevenson, 2232 Poplar, $330,000.

11-2-12 Larry Herbert and Daniel L. and Evelyn Buckey, 371 Erie Beach road, $25,000.

Marblehead Corp
11-1-12 Sheilah M. Crowlet to John C. and Annette T. Lipaj, 1094 East bayshore Road, 304B, C31, and C32, $200,000.

Erie Township
10-29-12 Perry R. Carey to Norberto Santoya, West Lakeshore, vacant land, $7,500.

10-31-12 Michael and Kathleen Moeller to Dwayne and Lori Colston, Lots 170-176 willow Beach, vacant land $1,960.

Elmore Corp.
10-31-12 Federal National Mortgage to Gerald Giesler, 449 Toledo Street, $65,100.

Harris Township
11-2-12 Rocile D. Rowan to Adam R. and Jessica L. Parton, 18513 West State Route 105, $115,000.

11-2-12 Roy R. Parman to Craig and Sondra Gillig, portagr River South Road, vacant land $17,000.

11-2-12 Hayward Inc. to John and Linda Hartigan, Slemmer Portage, vacant land $249,000.

Portage Township
11-1-12 Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Hurt Farenchak, 3170 SE Railroad Street, $43,175.

Port Clinton City
10-29-12 Brian D. and Deidre M. Allan to Adam J. and Samantha L. Andrews, 220 Lincoln Street, $119,900.

10-30-12JBS Market, Ltd to George F. and Barbara J. Wieland, 1909 East Harbor Road, $250,000.

11-2-12 JP Morgan Chaes Bank to Hayley Manly and Zachary Saneholtz, 812 Taft Street, $72,000.

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