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Week of 10/15/12
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 11 October 2012 13:36

Marblehead -  Nathan R. and Mandi B. Myser to Gerald G. and Patricia V. Schoenen, 10654 East Bayshore #64, $175,000.

Danbury - Gribble Insurance Agency to William D. and Margaet M. Geer, Unit A-8 East Harbor Condo, $39,900.

Elmore – Jonathan A. and Kathy Ann Pietrowski to Jason R. and Ashley R. Kaylor, 208 Fremont Street, $109,000.

Danbury – Hammer Family Limited partnership to Jeffrey and Mary Stockton, 521 Park Row, $555,000.

Catawba – Dorothy M. Kuhn to John L,. and Patricia M. Wilson, 5972 Poplat , $134,000.

Harris – Roberta L. Fulkert to Sean P. Keefe, 18746 West State Route 105, $136,000

Bay – US Bank National Association to Pamela and Terry Wiechman, 2646 South Mulcahy Road, $52,000.

Danbury – Barry W. and Linda Ingham and Nancy J. and Bryon G. Day to Richard J. and Patrice O. Kihlken, 327 North Channel Grove Road, $210,000.

Carroll – Carolyn A, King to Malcolm R. Farrant, Unit 4060 Wild Wings, $11,500.

Benton – Beth A. Keeler et al to Robert A. and Brenda V. Blausey, Towbridge Road, vacant land $14500.

Bay – Fannie Mae to Jason R. Kolodziejczyk and Bethony D. Preston, 1570 West Wilcox Road, $240,000.

Catawba – James S. and Paula J. Pascarella to Martin R. and Kimberly S. Finn, 5782 Lakeview Drive, $194,000.

Port Clinton – Jackie R. Rolen Jr. et al to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 612 Pearl Street, $40,000.

Danbury - Douglas Y. and Holly B. Wang to John and Mary Jude Pakiela, 132 4th Street, $380,000.

Allen – Federal Home Mortgage Association to Cassandra and Lori Bowers, 4074 North Reiman Road, $78,000.

Oak Harbor – Judith K. and Peter McAlenney et al to Elwood G. and Karen A. Johns, 417 Country Meadows Drive, $176,000.

Put In Bay Corp. – Donald O. Thwaite to CBS Investments, LLC, 213 Bay View Avenue, $1,090,000.

Erie – RAG and Associates, LLC to David Stokly, 1104 Tettau Road, $22,000.

Bay – Rose M. Ceccoli to Robert Burton, 1198 South Schau Road, $31,000.

Port Clinton – Orville E. Williams and J. Kristopher Shope to Janice Snyder, 816 East Third Street, $47,000.

Danbury – Michael J. and Patricia A. Speck to Kenneth A. and Amy M. Fisher, 431 Erie Beach Road, $219,000.

Bay – Gary E. and Sylvia C. Witt to RBS Citizens , 605 Tiffin Road, $86,667.

Genoa – John A. et al to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 13 North Railroad Street, $26,667.

Benton – James R. Bagrowski to Margaret D. Blair, 3383 North State Route 590, $70,522.

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