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Thursday, 09 April 2009 09:40
OREGON – An unknown suspect stole his wallet, meds, and cell phone from a vehicle at a carryout in the 2400 block of Woodville Road on April 3, said police.
•A purse was stolen from a vehicle in the 3300 block of Navarre Avenue on March 20, said police;
•A purse was stolen from a bingo hall in the 2200 block of Woodville Road on March 21, said police;
•An unknown suspect shot a bb gun at a vehicle in the 2400 block of Pickle Road, causing damage to the windshield and passenger window, on March 27, said police;
•Unknown suspect shot a paintball at a home in the 2000 block of Loughrae Drive on March 28, splattering paint onto the door and frame, said police;
•Someone took computers, GPS and tools from a locked vehicle in the 2900 block of Bay Shore Road on March 30, said police.
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