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Council Ok’s contract to upgrade treatment plant

Oregon council on Monday approved an agreement with ARCADIS U.S., Inc., to provide engineering services to design a high service pump replacement and raw water improvements for the water treatment plant.

Oregon Mayor Mike Seferian said the design was needed for the Oregon Clean Energy (OCE) Project.

The city will pay ARCADIS U.S., Inc., of Toledo, $1,494,600 for the improvements. Oregon Clean Energy LLC will reimburse the city for most of the cost, according to Public Service Director Paul Roman.

“The high service pump replacement is for the potable water (drinking water) side of the treatment plant. This was a 2014 budgeted item. Strictly, this is the city’s cost for the work. We would not seek reimbursement on that,” said Roman.

The city is planning to provide a supply of raw water to the proposed $800 million natural gas combustion facility that is being developed by OCE. The primary use of the raw water is for the wet cooling tower that will be incorporated into the OCE project that will be located on N. Lallendorf Road.

The basic goal of the engineering services is to assist the city with developing plans and specifications for delivering a maximum flow of approximately 7 million gallons per day of raw water to the OCE site on a 24 hour/7 days per week basis, according to Roman.

“We are increasing the raw water intake to provide more raw water directly to the Oregon Clean Energy site,” said Roman.

The city will need to upgrade or add a low service pump station and water plant equipment to accommodate the raw water needs of the project and the requirements of the WTP. The design will also include a new raw water storage pond of approximately 13.4 million gallons at the water treatment plant that will provide at least two days of storage under maximum use conditions. The pond will need to be designed to have an automated control valve to control raw water flow into the pond.

A new raw water force main will be designed from the water treatment plant to the OCE site, which is expected to be some 3.5 miles long. The new force main will be constructed within the existing Cedar Point Road right of way.

Dissolved Air Flotation
ARCADIS will also conduct pilot testing to determine if a process called Dissolved Air Flotation could be incorporated into the project, said Roman.

“It’s a concept that’s been used for wastewater for some time, but it’s very rare to be used for water treatment,” said Roman.

“We’re thinking that our project might be a very good candidate for this process,” he added. “There’s only four in the United States that have it. But to even figure out whether it’s worth doing, you really need pilot testing done. That is a part of ARCADIS’s contract. If we were to deliver just raw water, OCE would still provide its own pretreatment. We’re looking at this Dissolved Air Flotation as a way of providing pretreatment along with all the other raw water that we’re pretreating for our drinking water supply. It would be a partnership if we were ever to go forward with this.”

Dissolved Air Flotation involves putting air into a tank of raw water. Any material suspended in the raw water would attach to the bubbles and float to the top. “A skimmer would take those materials off the top,” explained Roman.

“That process could remove not only organics that are in the water, but algae. The thing about algae is that most of the mechanical devices that are used in pumping raw water will break up that algae and release toxins. But with Dissolved Air Flotation, you’re not breaking up those algae cells, and it’s a much better way to remove algae. Literally, we would not have any concerns regarding algae or any toxins from algae potentially getting into our regular drinking water supply. We do spend a lot of money on filtration, adding activated carbon, to deal with turbidity, or the amount of organics that are suspended in raw water. Any water treatment system that uses lake water or river water has these same problems. For all the sediment that winter rain events take out to the lake, it’s very difficult to treat. So we think there’s a very good potential that Dissolved Air Flotation may work for us. That’s why we want to look at it,” said Roman.

Other communities, such as the City of Toledo, are interested in Oregon’s pilot testing.

“We think there may be other funding available for this type of process,” said Roman.

Besides ARCADIS, the city received qualification statements from other firms to provide engineering services, including Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd., Poggemeyer Design Group, Inc., and URS Corporation, said Roman.

“We determined that ARCADIS was the most qualified,” said Roman. “ARCADIS was the designer of our last water treatment expansion. They are the most familiar with our treatment system and have done a lot of waterline designs for us in the past. We certainly felt they were most qualified.”

The energy generation facility, which will convert clean natural gas to electricity, will be built on a 30 acre parcel of land at 816 N. Lallendorf Road, located within an enterprise zone. It will provide enough new electricity for 500,000 homes. Ground breaking for the project is expected this spring or early summer.

The project is expected to create about 450 construction jobs over three years, and 26 new full-time, permanent jobs once the facility begins operations, with a total annual payroll of about $3.2 million.



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