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The Press reached out to our readers and contributors looking to know, “When shopping, do you make a special effort to purchase products that are made in the U.S.?” Here’s what they said:

I try to “buy American” when I can. Yes there are times when it is difficult to find purely American-made items. I would pay more for “made-in-America” products, provided attributes such as quality and durability were comparable.  I would not pay more “just to pay more.” – Ken Chisholm.

Robin Sopko, Block Watch Sector Leader in East Toledo, says she makes the effort to “buy American,” especially when looking for a car. Sopko says she finds it difficult to find items that she wants that are made in the U.S., adding that she’d be willing to pay a little more for domestic-made items.aaaMadeAmericaPollKG

“Yes, we personally prefer to purchase items purchased in the USA; however, it's very difficult to find them,” said Marcie Hunsdrucker, of Millbury. “Most items we look at are made in China.” Hunsdrucker added that she, too, would be willing to pay more for items made here in America.

Mike Searle writes that if he has the option, he will buy products “Made in the USA.” “With the high price of gasoline, I don’t think it is prudent to drive 20 miles to buy a $10 American-item. It is difficult to find everyday items that are made in the USA. Within reason, I am willing to pay more for ‘Made in America.’

“I do not believe that most people are looking at the manufacturing source before they decide to purchase,” Searle said. “I do believe that if fuel prices remain high that some manufacturing will return to the USA. Low labor costs are being offset by high transportation costs. If you make it close to home you can save on the shipping and offset the higher labor cost. The benefit is having better control of shipping and timing.”

Betty Marlow Miller, of Elmore, also makes an effort to look for products made in the U.S. and laments domestic-made products are sometimes hard to find.

“I feel we should support our people in the U.S.,” she said. “It truly is hard to purchase anything that is completely made in the United States, because so many parts, equipment, materials, etc. come from other countries. If so many people were not out of work in the United States and all countries could have equal trade keeping our people working, I would not be so upset when I cannot find things made in the U.S.

“I would like to see our people working making things than helping them by donating food, clothes, shelter, hospital care, medicine, etc. for I know that is the way most of the U.S. citizens feel too,” she said. “Let us continue to rally for ‘Made in America.’”

Garden writer Judy DePeal says that when shopping, she tries to look for the “Made in the U.S.” designation. “With some items, it is difficult to find American made ones,” she said, adding, “I will pay more up to a reasonable limit.”

Dewanna Myers, of Woodville, says she recently did some Internet research to locate a new dishwasher that was made in the USA. “We need better info available on which products are USA-made,” she said, adding, “Yes, we’re willing to pay a little more so people can have jobs.”

On Facebook, many Press readers shared their preferences for buying American.

“For some items, I make a special effort to purchase U.S made products,” said wrote Rieale Loveridge, of Cleveland. “Yes, it can be difficult to find items, but if they are good quality that use high end materials, then it's worth it to pay more for goods made here.

“A few that I often purchase from are IGIGI clothing and Allen Edmonds (though have to read info carefully to verify which ones are American made),” she posted.



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