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(StatePoint)  If the old saying is true that your home is your castle, then your bedroom is your personal sanctuary and should be decorated to reflect individual taste.

For some, bedrooms provide escapes from daily life -- places to shut the door and decompress. Others want uplifting, light or peaceful spaces. Still others wish for invigorating places where they wake and feel charged for the day. 
A bedroom should be suited for the individual or couple who sleeps there. This often can be achieved through creative use of color and the easy task of painting the room to suit your desires.

“Your bedroom is the most personal space in your house, so it should reflect who you are,” says Ann McGuire, founder of Beehive Studios and color consultant to Valspar. “Don’t worry about what others may think. Choose your favorite colors and have fun. Above all, think about the purpose of your bedroom and what kind of personal space you want to create.”

There are many ways to achieve color goals, McGuire emphasizes. Here are some “tricks of the trade”:

• Since bedrooms are private, you may select a different color than those used elsewhere in the house. You can shut the door and treat it as its own individual space, so use a color that you love.

• While you shouldn’t feel restricted, most prefer soothing environments for bedrooms. The best colors for this are soft blue, ivory, khaki or camel. Golden hues also work well.

• If the bedroom looks boring, “lift” it by painting the wall behind the bed to create a focal point against which to place the headboard or pillows. Pick a deeper color to make the headboard “pop.” Select a color from the fabric or carpet in the room so all pieces work together.

• If the room has lots of light, consider a light, breezy paint color. If you have a basement bedroom or a darker room, don’t hesitate to choose darker colors.  

• Unorthodox colors can work well. “Once, I painted a windowless room a chocolate brown and it worked surprisingly well. It was a cozy, inviting place,” says McGuire. Another good color is a deep coral which works with cream colored furniture.  

• Consider the color of furniture. Find a color that is pleasing and harmonizing. For dark wood like mahogany, go with bold colors. For lighter toned wood, use light colors. You even can paint your bed frame or posts, instead of your walls.

• Consider decorative painting, such as color washing, stripes or stenciling, to soften a room’s angles and corners. Color washing is a random blending technique created by applying translucent glaze colors over a dry base paint. A criss-cross motion done with lighter colors creates the look of parchment.  

“If you’re an early riser, you’ll get up no matter what,” stresses McGuire. “But if you’re a night owl, you spend more time awake in the bedroom. A warm color might be conducive to dark nights spent reading before sleeping.”

Thinking about personal needs and color preferences will go a long way in creating the perfect sleeping sanctuary.  

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