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“Old age is a privilege denied to many.” – Author unknown.

Many people hate growing older. People in their 20s, 30s and 40s often believe that youth is where it’s at. But those who persist in that thinking obviously haven’t enjoyed the company of an active senior these days.

Those who have been blessed to find themselves outliving old ways of thinking, old technology and myths of aging, are educating themselves and getting ready for their ‘bonus round’ as we’ve heard it around Otterbein Portage Valley.

What is your Bonus Round? It is that time you thought you might not have. Here are a few tips to help you “win” your Bonus Round.

Keep your mind sharp, your body active and stay in the game. Relearn old hobbies and pick up new ones. Have you tried auditing classes at Bowling Green State University or Owens Community College? Amazing what you could learn on the cheap.

Gardening is a simple joy that sometimes gets neglected or forgotten in the hubbub of your 30s and 40s while raising kids and chasing careers. Some are re-experiencing the delight of coaxing green things out of the ground.

Are you considering traveling in your bonus round? Many residents of Otterbein Portage Valley relish vacation getaways that they never got to in earlier years. For some that means a weekend in Amish country, others a week tour of Washington, D.C. and we still have some snowbirds who will soon rejoin us after wintering in the Carolinas, Florida and even Costa Rica and abroad. We are excited to hear of their adventures.

Some are blessed to be reviving their marriage in their senior years. Retirement is not a time to slow down just because convention says you should. Find that coffee shop or eclectic book store that you know you both would love to try. Rediscover your likes and dislikes together.

Where are all your friends from your younger years? You might be surprised how many are enjoying their bonus rounds, too. Use technology like Facebook and to find old friends. Visit old haunts together. Try something new. Girls day out is a whole new experience when you have all the time in the world!

Speaking of technology: social networking, Skype, senior safety alert systems, electronic medication dispensers, and much, much more are keeping seniors healthy, active and engaged like never before. Every day there is new equipment to help seniors age gracefully with safety and independence.

Of course, family is a fortress of sorts. These are the people you can count on when you are down for the count. Your bonus round is a great time to share your history and theirs. It is also a time help your extended family grow tall and strong. Grandchildren didn’t even exist until you became a grandparent. According to my mother-in-law, it is a
lot of fun to get grandkids hopped on sugary treats and fun adventures and then send them home to us boring-by-comparison parents.

As you can see, those years after say 55, are anything but twilight or waning years for some. I hope you treat your later years as the bonus round. Make plans. Where would you like to go? What would you like to see? What do you want to know? What is your lifestyle plan for now and in the future?

Don’t just retire. Think about your safety net, physically and financially. Ask your community of choice if they provide health care when you need it and independence when you are able. Ask what happens if you live longer than your money does. Otterbein Portage Valley offers a tremendous “plan for life.”

Otterbein Portage Valley would love to help you win your bonus round. Give us a call soon to learn more about our double safety net and all the entertainment, events, education for the spring and summer.

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