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Rabbits may seem like adorable critters one would love to have around. However, rabbits can cause serious damage to landscapes in a short amount of time. Keeping them away from plants and shrubs takes some patience.

Rabbits have a penchant for feeding on seedlings, shrubs, bulbs, and certain flowers. If really hungry, they'll essentially munch on anything a lawn or garden has to offer. Homeowners might end up watching those hostas disappear before learning that the daffodils have been decimated.   

There are certain options that can keep rabbits out of the backyard. Some are more humane than others. Before a homeowner decides to take rabbit control into his or her own hands, the laws of the neighborhood should be investigated. For example, kill traps certainly will take care of rabbits, but they may not be legal in a particular area. Many also view them as inhumane and only a last resort when trying to solve a rabbit problem. 

Other options involve live traps and repellents. Live traps, while effective, will only trap the animal. The homeowner will then have to relocate it to another area. Chances are, unless homeowners routinely drop the rabbits off miles away from home, these uninvited guests will eventually find their way back to a particular yard. 

Repellents are another way to keep rabbits at bay. There are several methods that may work that homeowners can try.

* Thiram: This fungicide can be used on ornamental plants (ones that won't be eaten due to their toxicity). Rabbits find this product repulsive. It will have to be reapplied after heavy rains and may not be practical if pets frequent the yard. 

* Blood meal: Sprinkle blood meal, a high-nitrogen form of natural fertilizer, or hang bags of cheesecloth containing the substance around plants that should not be eaten by rabbits. 

* Manure: Make a solution of cow manure and water and spray it on plants. 

*Pepper: Rabbits frequently sniff out their surroundings. Red pepper, cayenne pepper or even black pepper can be an irritant that works to send rabbits away. 

* Mexican Marigolds: This plant is said to repel rabbits. 

* Human scents: Some rabbits are put off by the scent of humans in the garden. Old shoes or a piece of clothing may achieve this. However, chances are rabbits have grown accustomed to the smell of humans and are bold enough to enter the garden. 

* Dogs and cats: Some rabbits will not visit lawns in which cats and dogs have staked their claim. * Corncobs: Soak used corncobs in vinegar and place around the garden. 

* Hair clippings: Some people say that hair clippings from the barber shop will deter rabbits. 

There are several options you should consider before taking rabbit control into your own hands.




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