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Sarcastic thank you
To the editor: Thank you Oregon City School administrators for the following:

1. Making me wake an hour earlier so I can get my daughter and her friend to Clay on time every morning.

2. For giving me an hour to kill every morning before I have to be to work.

3. For the numerous times I’ve nearly been hit in the Clay parking lot by students who probably shouldn’t be driving yet, but have to.

4. For the increase in gas and the wear and tear on my car since I live about as far away from Clay that you can get and still be in Oregon.

5. For letting me deal with not one, but two traffic jams every morning – the one caused by the influx of vehicles to Clay and the one I have to deal with on the expressway on my way to work due to the timing of dropping my daughter off at Clay.

6. For letting me watch these kids that have to walk down Seaman and Stadium to get to school, with only the street to walk on.

7. For the likely increase in taxes when those roads have to be repaired from all the extra traffic on them.

How about you forfeit those raises and find a way for our high school students to get to school safely and conveniently?
Jennifer Pasztor

Memorials appreciated
To the editor: Our auxiliary would like to thank everyone who made a donation to  us in memory of Joanne Cashen.

Your gifts were greatly appreciated. Our acknowledgements of these gifts was delayed because the memorials didn’t reach the proper address until recently.

The memorials were fitting tributes to Joanne for her participation and service in our group. They will help us carry out our mission.

Thank you to everyone who gave.
American Legion Auxiliary Unit 279
Pastor Stephen Lutz

Drawing the line
To the editor: After supporting several school levies over the years, I feel we must draw the line on the Woodmore Schools levy for a new school. To saddle the Woodmore voters with this financial burden for 37 years is unconscionable.

Has the Woodmore Schools Board lost their collective minds? Does the Woodmore School Board think I’m angry at my wallet or bank account and want to get rid of what little money I have in order to build this school?

What has changed since the last time this levy was defeated? Nothing except times have gotten worse – $3.70 a gallon for gas; $3 a gallon for propane; $3.75 a gallon for heating oil. Food prices are up, utilities are up and  unemployment is up and retreating.

Ottawa County leads the other 87 counties in unemployment. Taxes, in general, and property taxes in particular are way up. You never see your property tax or county sales tax decline. Then there is the inevitable cost overruns, maintenance and emergency levies that will follow, just to get us through to the next levy scenario.

Furthermore, enrollment is declining. Benton-Carroll-Salem closed two schools already. Toledo is closing one high school and changing K-8 schools. Catholic primary schools are closing or consolidating.

Building costs for this new school versus student ratio is disproportionate. Woodmore will have to just do with what they have.

Attempting to extort more money from an already financially burdened electorate by promising another levy try in May 2012 if this levy fails sends the wrong message.

Renovate – it is much cheaper in these tough economic times. Accordingly, I will be voting no and urge all voters to do the same.
Alan Snyder

Think it over
To the editor: Our home was built in the late 1800s. Over the years, when the tin roof needed to be replaced, we used roof shingles to change it. When the plumbing malfunctions, we repair it immediately. When the wiring needed to be changed, we received estimates and hired someone. When the windows needed attention, we painted or replaced all 27. When the asbestos shingles were cracking off, we once again got estimates and had siding installed. The furnace was installed 40 years ago and is still working because we do yearly maintenance checks.

I would love to have central air, but fans and room air conditioners will have to suffice because we live within our budget.

The key word here is “maintenance.” You must focus your attention on current problems and not delay until they are unrepairable.

Currently, do you have repairs needed at your home? Do you wish you could neglect repairs and build new?

Superintendent John Fernbaugh said, “The biggest challenge is just that we want more dollars.” Well, which tree shall we pick it off for this levy? It had better be a big one so I have enough for 37 years, not counting recurring levies for cost overruns, utility bills, salaries and maintenance.

Better think this one over folks, because lots can happen in 37 years with an unstable economy. Repair or renovate is the only way to go with declining enrollment.
Marlene Snyder

To the editor: As a taxpayer and registered voter, I believe we must change the way we are represented.

All government “employees” need to be reminded that they work for us taxpayers. As their “employers,” we have the right and responsibility to make changes.

Exactly how many “employees” do we taxpayers support? Think about the numbers. Think about all their benefits, wages, pensions, vacations, business trips, etc. that we taxpayers pay for. Think about all our “employees” who give themselves raises and buy themselves expensive “toys” while cutting programs that we need and pay for.

Think about this: Do you enjoy paying taxes? Do you want to work? Do you get any tax breaks? Are you unemployed?

President Obama wants to put our people back to work and try to fix the crumbling infrastructure of our country. He’d like to pay for this by taking away all the tax breaks “rich folks” and “rich companies” (anyone now making $100,000 a year or more) are now enjoying.

Once again, think about the numbers. Think about how much it is costing us. Think about all the programs that benefit us – the programs we need that we paid for. We are losing those programs. Think about all the government “employees” that actually do work (soldiers, firefighters, police, EMS, nurse, teachers and so on) and how little they are compensated for what they do. Think how much our government “representatives” (local all the way up to federal) receive and how much they are spending. 

I suggest we need to say “enough” and make our voices be heard. Our “employees” need to be held accountable to us. I think any and all of our “employees” that receive a six-figure income should receive a drastic cut in pay and start paying for part of their benefits, pay for their vacations, pensions and business trips.

I suggest that the continued employment of all these same “employees” be based on fair and designated yearly evaluations. Continued employment and/or salary adjustments will depend on the results of these evaluations. Vacations should be based on length of employment.

Think about it. Think about who really is paying for all of this.
Bobbi Neitling




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