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Oregon officials have for years discussed the possibility of developing a marina for public access to Maumee Bay and Lake Erie. The prospect was raised again at a recent council meeting by Councilwoman Kathleen Pollauf.

“I had so many people this weekend inquiring why Oregon doesn’t have a marina,” said Pollauf. “I know we have very limited space on the water, and I know there’s little property available, we don’t have a huge space. If someone would develop something, I would be completely for that.”

Mayor Mike Seferian said it would cost too much for the city to maintain a marina because strong currents would require frequent dredging of sediments.

“Where we are located on the lake, to put a marina out here is very difficult because of the way the currents work,” said Seferian. “We would have to have a continual dredging program – like weekly. It’s not that the space isn’t there, but it’s the design of our location with the currents that don’t really permit it.”

“Is it a city issue for dredging, or could a company or entity come in and invest to do something like that?” asked Pollauf.

Seferian said it was basically about costs to dredge the lake.

“It would have to be done constantly. As soon as you’d clean it out, immediately it would start to wash back in,” he said.

“And there are no other areas?” asked Pollauf.

Seferian said he and Administrator Mike Beazley have discussed using Facility 3, once it is closed, for a marina and other outdoor projects. Facility 3 is owned by the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority. Sediment that is dredged by the Army Corps of Engineers is dumped at the facility to keep the shipping channels open.

“Facilty 3 has potential. We are looking at that,” said Seferian. “It would be kind of expensive, so we are looking at funding sources.”

Beazley said Facility 3 has the potential for development, especially along the east side.

“It’s the sort of thing that would be attractive and make us feel good about access to the lake. It’s the sort of thing that would be nice along our shore, to have people be able to come here. Ultimately, in almost every case, things like that are private business decisions where they think they can make the math work for themselves. And the city would love to help someone partner on that in terms of looking at zoning issues and that sort of thing. But ultimately, most of those end up as a private business decision for a business along there. There’s enough land on Facility 3 – there’s hundreds of acres. There might be a way to develop something along the side that might be attractive for Oregon long term. It seems like a natural way to help Oregon connect to the lakefront. We view it as a long term project rather than something we can immediately pull the trigger on.”

Maumee Bay State Park has a public marina. A boat launch in Oregon, located off Bay Shore Park near N. Wynn Road, is too small for larger boats.

“Because of the depth of the water in that space, it’s not really practical for anything but smaller boats,” Beazley told The Press last week. “The challenge there is the currents, sediment fills in, and it’s difficult other than for small fishing boats and jet skis.”

Private marinas
Private marinas have had success at nearby locations, such as the Harbor View Yacht Club.

Public Service Director Paul Roman said the club benefits from being near Toledo Edison’s water intake, where “sediment can never really settle out.”

“That’s the beauty of that whole yacht club. It would be nice to have that. But we don’t have that,” said Roman.

Driftwood Commons also has a marina for private property owners.

“For a number of years they’ve had very large boats,” said Councilman Tim Zale. “I don’t know if they have encountered problems with navigating those waters.”

Seferian said he is familiar with Driftwood Commons, and that it is difficult to navigate.

“Driftwood Commons is very tricky to get out of,” said Seferian. “Those big boats know exactly where to go. It’s unique the way the currents work there. They do some maintenance. They’re in a little more open stretch and they don’t get the washing situation that we do currently along this route.”

“You have to know the territory,” Beazley said after the meeting. “The handful of individual boat owners know their way in there very well. If you’re not one of them, it might be a challenging process to get in and out.”

Beazley said he and Councilman James Seaman have looked at “every potential spot for development” on city owned land.

“We talked about looking at all the available sites along there, starting at the boat launch and moving along Maumee Bay State Park. We’ve talked about anything from paddle board concessions to kayaks to things like that. The mayor has said `let’s see if we can get some things out there.’ We’re looking to see if we can explore those things. We call ourselves Oregon on the Bay. There’s ways of getting more access to the Bay. I know council is interested in it, the mayor is interested in it, and the administration is interested in it. We’re doing some exploring.”

“I know it’s been talked about, talked about, and talked about,” said Pollauf. “I just think we need to start getting more active.”

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