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Friday, 18 September 2009 08:16

To the editor: I read with interest the sizeable article regarding Officer Brown on the front page of the most recent issue of The Press.

Accusations were made that the timing of the article was politically motivated to coincide with Mayor Brown’s bid for re-election. Regardless of one’s political views, I am writing this in the spirit of fairness. Toward the end of July, I wrote an editorial to The Press trying to inform the citizens of Oregon of the upcoming “Special Election” the Oregon Board of Education was apparently trying to sneak by the citizens. My editorial was not published because “there would not be adequate time for the other side to refute the claims.”

Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 10 September 2009 15:15

Opt for private trash service
To the editor: I would like to suggest that we residents take back the control of our garbage collection. When we first moved out to this area, we took care of it ourselves. It was unlimited garbage pickup every week. We loved it. There were no problems. We considered it quite inexpensive for the service we received.

Then the township government took over, limiting us to two cans and twice-yearly unlimited pickup. The unlimited pickup is always on an early Saturday morning. This pretty much eliminates our family and anyone else who works 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. If you can't arrange your schedule around the government’s schedule, you have to wait another six months. When we contacted the trustee who was in charge at that time, we were perplexed by his explanation. It seemed to be based on little common sense.

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Thursday, 03 September 2009 14:14

Priorities revealed
To the editor: Rep. Matt Szollosi’s actions in the last-minute legislative slight of hand that incorporated an expediting of the ERAC ruling on the proposed FDS Coke plant smacks of the same bad politics and policies that put the Oregon Schools destroying House Bill 66 in our laps.

Getting that rider slipped into the budget at the last second and somehow forgetting to slip in a rider that got the promised “make whole” clause for the Oregon schools shows me what is more important to Mr. Szollosi.

One would think as an Oregon resident Mr. Szollosi, given his level of power in Columbus, could have traded his influence for a special rider to help our schools.

Instead, cashing all those contribution checks proved more influential than beating the drum for the ONLY viable solution our schools face. Columbus caused this mess and only a solution from the state can solve it. Having someone of Mr. Szollosi’s stature at the Statehouse could and should be able to get this done.

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