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Keep cats at home
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Friday, 16 October 2009 11:20

To the editor: I read the article in last week’s edition of The Press concerning the shooting of the cats that occurred to the family living in Ottawa County.

I agree that this is a terrible thing to do to any animal, let alone a pet that belongs to someone. I found myself thinking about this incident and wondered if these cats were shot because they were wandering on property other than their owners’.

Where I live, I have a terrible time with cats roaming in my back yard, even though it is fenced in. Recently I have observed four or five cats (three of them being kittens) visiting my back yard and evidently on my front porch too, since there is an undeniable odor that remains after they are around. This is also evident in my back yard.

I personally do not appreciate the fact that I have to deal with someone else’s animals. Although I would not want to harm them in any way, I would hope that the owners would be responsible enough to control their animals and keep them in their own yards. There is a leash law for dogs and I feel that there should be some type of law regarding cats, since they seem to do more harm than a dog does. At least I can keep a dog out of my yard with a fence.

Thanks for support
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Friday, 09 October 2009 11:45

To the editor: I wanted to give the community an update about the carwash I organized to raise money for the Toledo Area Humane Society.

We managed to raise $261 even though it was a little rainy. We had to end a little bit early, due to the weather, but I feel we did pretty well.

I appreciated everyone’s dedication to stand out in the rain for four hours. My friends and parents were so devoted to make as much money as possible to give to the animals at the Toledo Area Humane Society.

When I went to the Humane Society to deliver the money we raised, I felt so sad for the animals. Although they are cared for very well, they really need a good home. I am now planning to have a yearly car wash for the animals. All of my friends are already hoping for dry and hot weather for next year’s car wash.

I wanted to say thank you to The Press for publicizing my event, my friends, my parents, Ralphie’s on Navarre Avenue and all my customers.

Without your support, my fundraiser would not have been a success.
Brandon Rodriguez
Seventh-grader, Kateri Catholic Academy

Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 01 October 2009 13:19

Child’s play
To the editor: When I was a child, my parents always told me “try and get along with everyone.”

Well, I am no longer a child, but I feel it was one of the most important lessons I learned. Unfortunately, two elected officials of Jerusalem Township didn’t learn this lesson.

I have yet to attend a township meeting, but I have reviewed the recordings and the meeting minutes. I am absolutely disgusted with the results. To think, two grown men - elected officials - cannot act like adults when having a township meeting is just sad. They sit and point fingers at everyone but themselves. Many times, those who attend are treated with less respect than animals.

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