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A clear message
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Monday, 23 November 2009 09:21

To the editor: Is it a payback? Yes! Is it a vendetta? You bet!

Using a song title from that old country classic, “There’s a Tear in My Beer Over You,” it seems to paint the perfect picture of what’s happening in the Pete Gerken family household now. With the defeat of Pete’s wife, Polly, for Toledo City Council, it should have sent a clear message not to send more family members to be humiliated by East Side voters. After the sneaky and cowardly way in which Gerken, fellow Lucas County Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak and State Rep. Peter Ujvagi used secret meetings to void 2001 election results to relocate the new arena downtown, they should have known better than to try another back-door deal on East Toledo voters.

Two years ago, Skeldon Wozniak tried it with her kin, Marty Skeldon. Poor Marty had no way of knowing he was bushwhacked by East Toledo hockey fans. Yep, we have family and friends in every district. This whole issue of how the new arena ended up in downtown can only be resolved when Gerken, Skeldon Wozniak, Ujvagi, developer Larry Dillin and the rest of those downtown backstabbers have resigned or are under investigation. Until that time, listen and learn from the worlds of the U.S. Marines 1st Raider Battalion in World War II.

The future of schools
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 12 November 2009 15:52

To the editor: The Oregon Schools have a remarkable administrative staff, particularly Dr. Mike Zalar, who  has done a tremendous job so far as superintendent of the district. His first action was to reduce administrative costs and positions for a total savings of over $600,000. His next action was to trim another $3.5 million from the operating budget, bringing the reduction total to over $7 million over the past four years. Under Dr. Zalar’s leadership, Oregon has one of the best school systems in northwest Ohio. We should be proud of the work he has done to date and excited about the changes that he will bring in the future.

During my four years on the board of education, I have seen the desire of the students in the district to learn as much as they can, and I have witnessed the outstanding involvement of the parents in the district. Our students and their parents are the glue that keeps the district together. They have faced challenges as a result of the recent cuts, and they have banded together to ensure they continue to get a quality education. They want to learn and won’t let anything get in their way.

Barking up the wrong tree
Written by Press Staff Writer   
Thursday, 05 November 2009 17:30

To the editor: Three weeks ago, three beautiful kittens were abandoned at the Oregon Senior Center. A couple women looked into the kittens’ pretty eyes and their hearts went out to the kittens. They returned to the center with food and fed the kittens. The next afternoon, they were told the kittens were dead.

The first kitten died when it encountered a German Shepherd. The second followed a lady walking along Bayshore Road where it was run over by a car. The third kitten tried to cross Stadium Road and was hit by a car. Horrible, huh?

The Humane Society is overwhelmed with unwanted pets. Toledo dog lovers are protesting that the dog warden is killing too many dogs. They are barking up the wrong tree. They should get after pet owners who fail to get their pets spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted kittens and puppies.
Louis Agoston

Happy days!
To the editor: We are all so lucky that every couple of years we witness the great American pastime of running for office. So very fortunate we are that when this takes place, we actually get to see these folks at our front doors. They shake our hands, kiss our babies, pet our dogs and pretend to really care about what we think about the things that control our cities.

The rest of the days after election, for the following few years, we have no contact with them at all. Wow.

Maybe, just maybe, once in awhile, they could call us and ask our opinion on items that could be important to us concerning public policy.

Don’t they work for us? Don’t we pay the tax that makes up their paychecks. I can’t wait until the next happy days come again.
Larry Erard

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