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Common sense
To the editor: I strongly disagree with Rex Damschroder’s letter to the editor in the Aug. 13 issue of The Press.

It appears that Mr. Damschroder is being a typical politician and acting on an emotional opinion of some of his constituents rather than doing what is right for all of them. He states that “double dipping" is wrong and has introduced House Bill 388 to prevent it. He said that would be a “common sense” reform.

I have trouble understanding what is wrong with employees taking their honestly earned pension regardless of their plans after retirement. If they choose, have the needed skills and are asked to return to their old job, great. The organization will be getting a trained, valuable employee at a reduced rate and will not have to pay benefits, which are a large part of an employer’s cost.

Isn’t this a smart move to reduce costs in the public sector without reducing worker quality? That I suggest is “common sense.” Employers in the private industry have been doing this for years to contain costs.

I suggest that if Mr. Damschroder feels the need to legislate something, how about a bill for term limits that maximizes the number of years that can be served to, let’s say eight, regardless of the position filled. In other words, no jumping from position to position so as to make a career out of public service.

After a certain number of years, total, the person would have to return to the private sector and, hopefully, get a job and observe how his or her constituents live. There are too many career politicians that pass laws for the private sector to live by based on what a few influential friends or generous donors tell them. Many have not held a job in the private sector and some come from families with a similar past.

There is no better teacher than experience. Come on out and join the world – it’s exciting, eye-opening and rewarding.
Harold Hamilton

Thank you Lake
To the editor: Thank you to the Lake community for your support on August 7. It is truly appreciated.
Jim Witt
Lake Schools Superintendent

Support appreciated
To the editor: The Board of Elections has now certified that the Lake Local School District’s new operating levy passed by almost 53 percent of the vote.

The Lake School Board sincerely appreciates the support of each and every one of you who stepped up at a difficult but critical time to support our schools, our community, and our future.

Thank you.
Tim Krugh
President, Lake School Board

A pleasurable visit 
To the editor: On Aug. 19 and 20, I had the good fortune to visit the city of Oregon. I was an instructor at a baseball and softball clinic on the 20th for the children of Oregon. The clinic was held at the Oregon Recreation fields on Seaman Road.

Let me say that as an old ballplayer from Hamtramck, Mich., I have played on many baseball diamonds across America and Mexico. My career in baseball took me to the major leagues as a member of the Detroit Tigers in 1972, along with countless minor league games along the way and 20 games in the Mexican Leagues. I continue to instruct kids on the game of baseball and help them improve their playing skills. In the minor leagues, I played baseball with Mike Belcik from Clay High School, who retired from the Oregon Police Department.

First I want to tell the fine folks of Oregon just how nice it was to visit your city. I found the city to be clean, conveniently located along highways and not too far from the Mud Hens ballpark downtown. It was easy to get around in your city and everyone I met was so kind and friendly.

I had the honor of being an instructor in the clinic July 20. The Oregon Recreation ballfields are some of the finest facilities I have set foot on in my 50 years of baseball. The complex is just as nice as the fields in Florida where I go to be a part of the Detroit Tigers Fantasy Camp each January. The park in Oregon is really well kept and nicely laid out. All the citizens in Oregon should be proud of your ballpark and the people that keep the park up.

We had approximately 90 young boys and girls attend the clinic and that is a credit to your parks and recreation staff and coaches. I would like to also say thank you to another former major leaguer Ron Rightnowar, of Oregon, who joined me in being there to help the kids. We could not have had such a successful clinic without the other instructors such as Jeff Thompson and Dan Tobias, both of who played professional baseball too; and your Clay High School baseball and softball coaching staffs and some players to teach the game to kids, too. All the instructors were happy to sign autographs for the kids.

It was a pleasure to meet Ron, Jeff, Dan, Garry and Brenda, and the children who attended the clinic and their parents. I look forward to coming back to Oregon again and especially seeing all the fine people in your community and my old teammate, Mike Belcik.
Ike Blessitt
Detroit Tiger 1972
Toledo Mud Hen 1972

Good place to start
To the editor: My husband and I were thrilled for Mike Seferian when he was appointed as Mayor of Oregon.

We have found him to be an honest, personable business man in our dealings with him at his auto service station at the corner of Dearborn and Starr in Toledo.

I am however, disappointed to think that he would not want to include his own property in Toledo for update and cleaning to make the welcoming from one city to another a more pleasurable view. I totally agree that we need to make the entrances into and out of our cities aesthetically pleasing. I would hope that he would consider Toledo equally deserving of that consideration and do what he can to make his business in Toledo more pleasing to the eye and welcoming since it also sits at a corner that many people pass by every day.

As a resident of East Toledo, I am tired of being made to feel as if I am less then by my councilman who never returns calls, by my city hall who hasn’t addressed nuisance issues that have been reported all summer and by a man who has his unkempt business in my city, but wants where he lives to look pristine and pleasing.

I am asking that Mike be the leader in my community too and clean up his business property so we all can show pride where we work and live. It has to start somewhere...maybe this might be a good place to start.
Sheila Wisniewski
East Toledo Resident




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