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Wake up
To the editor: Well it won’t be but a few months and Ohioans heading to the polls will be faced with a decision that can affect the future generations to come.

Do citizens approve “right to work” legislation? Well, let’s stop and think what that means overall. How would we all like to work for less than what we make now? How would you like to show up in the morning to find your job has been given to someone who is willing to do it for less? How fun would it be to be told that your employer is no longer going to provide health benefits?

We all drive around and see people doing jobs we are not willing to do, and are critical of those that are, instead of embracing those workers and fighting to raise the wages and conditions for them.

Wake up. This will be all of us – all subject to the same mistreatment by any employer. Right to work states have fewer worker benefits as a whole. Working conditions are predominantly substandard, mostly because of the inability to collectively grieve any mistreatment. Lower wages mean less revenue and services for all citizens. Can citizens afford to work for less and have an increase in taxes to offset the lower income tax revenue? I think we can all predict the answer to that question.

Well fellow Oregonians and Ohioans, if these points seem valid then we need to educate ourselves and those around us to the fact that this is not how we wish to live now or in the future.

Remember in November.
Frank L. Reece

Not there yet
To the editor: I have been asking the village councilmembers of Walbridge the past few years about the condition of the alleys in town. They are occasionally graded but with the first rainfall, the holes are back. I talked to the mayor last year and he said he was considering a type of rubber paving and would do it this year. The alley behind the police station would be the first.

I went to the Wednesday council meeting and talked to a couple of council people and they said it is not worth the cost of the material to repair the alleys correctly. In addition, there may not be enough in the budget for this project. Last week, I talked to the mayor and he said they should at least try something. He said I should keep talking to the councilmembers.

Personally, I am getting fed up talking to the councilmembers and I am sure I am not the only one complaining about this. If nothing else, they need to get a front-end loader and take the alleys down at least a foot, level it off and put in new stone. This would eliminate the holes. This would not cost much.

They have done a lot in Walbridge the last several years after complaints by the residents. They have fixed roads and curbs and the baseball field to keep the water draining from the field. There are still yards at some homes that need to be cleaned up and dogs in yards that are not on a leash running around neighbors’ yards. If these councilmembers don’t want to take care of these problems, it is time to get rid of them.

I was considering running for a council seat last year, but I would not get along with some of the councilmembers. I am retired and have lived here for more than 20 years. This is a quiet little town. Most people in this town are pretty friendly. I am not trying to criticize everyone in the office or all of the councilmembers, but I am also not trying to win a popularity contest. This is the town that is supposed to be “on the right track” according to the signs in town, but we are not there yet.
Ernie Frohlich

Excellent together
To the editor:  I will be a sophomore at Lake High School this upcoming school year. I am extremely involved with our school. I am a three-sport athlete and am involved with the music department, which is near and dear to my heart.

I am also a member of our school’s volunteer group called Students in Action. Getting to be involved with so many people is a great experience. I love our school very much and would really like to see the levy pass this August. I think it’s time for the student body at Lake to start getting involved with this campaign.

I would like to see our school’s levy pass because students need extracurricular activities to do something positive by supporting their school. I love being involved with extracurricular activities because I have a purpose in our school. Whether it is playing sports or volunteering, I have a role in my school and community. Without our levy passing, some of those extracurricular activities will be taken away from the students of Lake High School, taking away our ability to spread goodness in this area.

Another wonderful part of the Lake district are the teachers. They are the ones who impact us. I would like to emphasize that with support for our levy, teachers will still have jobs, we can still have good class sizes, and our teachers can continue to make our students and future generations better each day.

In conclusion, I would like to ask for your support in Lake school’s levy this August for the future students. Lake schools have helped me grow as a person in performing and volunteering. So please consider helping the children of our community grow as people like I did.

Remember: “We’re excellent together.” Please remember the students this August.
Katie Swartz
Sophomore, Lake High School

Case closed?
To the editor: For more than 10 years, I had to tolerate backyard neighbor children shooting pellet guns at my dogs and throwing trash in my yard. I never could prove anything. On May 20, I was in my back yard with my dog. I heard something fast and loud going through the trees. It took three shots before I realized the sound was a projectile about two to three feet from my head. The 18-year-old boy did not see me until I moved from behind the trees and yelled at him. He dashed into his house. I called the police. They investigated and filed a report.

When I talked to the prosecutor, he stated it was my word against the shooter’s denial. Case closed.

My small grandchildren play in my back yard and I worry for their safety. The neighbor’s children target practice with pellet guns in their backyard.

In the past few weeks, young persons have entered homes. I don’t know how many and video recorded their actions. A neighbor had his car stolen and minor mischief incidents are always happening.

Welcome to my neighborhood.
Richard Zunk




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