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Keep your egos at home
To the editor: For crying out loud, I thought the board of education was supposed to be for the betterment of our students, not grandstanding for the people who were elected.

Keep your egos at home folks, and get to the business at hand – the education of our kids. I thought Toledo Public Schools was run badly, but Oregon is running a close second.

We should not need to have police patrolling the board meetings just because board members can’t control their mouths or their tempers.

Education isn’t what it used to be 20 years ago when teachers could teach, not worry primarily about test scores alone. There was discipline in the schools, not anarchy. Teachers were allowed to correct kids without worrying about being sued by parents, etc.

I’m glad my kids, who were good Clay High graduates, are out of the system. I sure wouldn’t want to start over and if I did, I would seriously consider parochial schools for them.

Okay, board of ed, get off your high horses and get to work for our kids. Re-election is coming up, and if the people speak, then listen. Get the busing back for the kids, as a safety issue, if nothing else, and Zalar doesn’t need a raise. How much money is enough, anyway? Put his raise toward busing the kids. Quit picking on the new guys and get the job done!
Barb Meyers

Breath of fresh air
To the editor: It was my pleasure to deliver a testing skills assembly to the third-, fourth- and fifth-graders at Genoa Elementary School last week.

I wanted to let the community know how well behaved, attentive, courteous and respectful their students were. I have conducted hundreds of these presentations over the years and was so impressed that I had to write this letter. Teachers and parents can be very proud of the young people they are developing in the Genoa area. It was a breath of fresh air.

Thank you for the experience, Genoa community. Congratulations and keep up the great work.
Bruce Boguski

To the editor: Ken Smith’s recent letters to the local media are just more of the typical combative behavior we experienced during his one Lake board of education term. Typically they are ignored but I felt the record needed to be set straight.  

Ken was on the board during previous discussions regarding the physical condition of the Walbridge Elementary School building. He knows the age and condition and how expensive it will be to maintain and how closing it was inevitable. We simply cannot afford it and Ken Smith is fully aware of that yet he continues to criticize the board.

Ken is fully aware of what the net cost was to the district in real dollars due to loss of enrollment when extra-curriculars were cut in ‘05. He was on the board when we determined the cost nearly doubled what it saved. Programs that were not cost effective were eliminated and those that remain account for 2-3 percent of the total budget. Study after study shows athletics, music, clubs, etc. are critical to the educational experience and provide motivation for academic achievement.  

The biggest lie Ken told was in regards to the history of the special ed and curriculum director positions. To my knowledge the district has never been without either and by law a special ed coordinator is required. The truth is both positions were combined into one administrative job at significant savings to the district and resulted in higher value education. I can make a solid argument that our high academic ratings are a direct result of this move and by the way, Mr. Smith voted yes to approve it.  

Folks it’s easy to throw darts from behind a computer.

To the readers who want the truth, please visit the Rumor Central page at the district’s website.
Eric Hirzel
Vice President, Lake Local Board of Education

An excellent job
To the editor: I wish those who are so negative on the Lake School District were at the board of education meeting April 18.

They could have seen what students are accomplishing because of their great teachers we are so fortunate to have. There was a presentation by students in the PACE program that was astounding. The Middle School Quiz Bowl team presented their first-place league trophy to the board. It was amazing what the students have accomplished. I was speechless.

I am a retired widow whose husband taught and coached for 37 years. I also have a daughter who teaches and coaches. I know from experience if you took their paycheck and counted the hours they devoted to teaching (including getting paid in the summer) and the money they put out of their own pocket does not compare to some of those with jobs with less education.

Kindergarten is foundational and important. My kids did not attend all-day, every-day kindergarten and they did fine, thanks to the dedication and instruction of the fine teachers at Lake.

Sports, band, choir, drama, journalism, student council or any other clubs or activities outside of school are extremely important not only for the students but also for the community. Students learn teamwork, responsibility and school and community pride from participating in these activities.

I feel this administration and school board have done an excellent job and our kids at Lake deserve our backing and our support of the next levy.
Betty Derr

Fracking concerns
To the editor: We better get vocal on state elected officials before our parks and homes become contaminated and energy giants like Chesapeake and Exxon Mobil become richer over the health and safety of Ohioans.

House Republican leaders dropped the Mid-Biennium Review Proposal by Gov. John Kasich to impose a tax on drillers.

Gov. Kasich said the money-maker potential of the state’s natural resources is too good not to exploit. Good for whom? If it is so good, I suggest the governor try it out on his property.

Several states, including Pennsylvania agree that fracking comes with trouble. Drilling rigs pump millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals – some hazardous – into wells to crack open shale formations and release oil and gas. A lot of people in northeastern Pennsylvania have been able to light their faucets for a long time. In August 2010, a family had to evacuate their home in the middle of the night after the methane in their home hit explosive levels. Their home, once worth $250,000, has been appraised at just $25,000 with its water problems. When a drilling company tells light their faucets for a long time.

In August 2010, a family had to evacuate their home in the middle of the night after the methane in their home hit explosive levels. Their home, once worth $250,000, has been appraised at just $25,000 with its water problems. When a drilling company tells you that they will make you millionaires, it’s just like me telling you I will pay you on Monday and the check is in the mail.

Just remember what you will transform if you agree to fracking on your property. Gas tankers clog the two-lane roads and drilling rigs dot the horizon. These companies will paint a picture for you and once you sign that lease for them to drill, you put you and your family at risk.
Joann Schiavone




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