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To the editor: Recently I was awakened by my dog and I looked out the front window across the street and saw my neighbor’s house on fire.

There was billowing black smoke and shooting flames high above the maple trees. There were no sirens or commotion – just flashing lights and fire fighters methodically working to control the flames. I sat in the bay window witnessing the scene with some trepidation. The fire had a mind of its own. I was struck by the perseverance of the volunteer fire fighters so close to the fire.
There was a man high up on a ladder throwing chemicals down into the fire. They looked like white balls. I was told later he was wearing protective gear weighing about 75 pounds.

It occurred to me with all the negative things we hear today that there are people who care and willingly volunteer and respond to our emergencies. They certainly are special people who face dangers and difficulties when coming to our rescue.
Ruth V. Jaquillard

Needs to be asked
To the editor: Ohio EPA has two sets of rules at the Envirosafe landfill. The City of Oregon is planning to install wells on the city’s right-of-way to determine if there is hazardous material leaking off onto their property.

All of a sudden, the Ohio EPA is concerned that the wells will be too close to where the cells are. Since when has this agency ever cared about the safety and health of this community before? If they cared so much, then why did they put a huge cell 150 feet from the road and then gave ESOI (Envirosafe Service of Ohio, Inc.) an expansion to go higher on crushed leachate pipes? That Cell M is 150 feet from the road and the closed Cells F and G are less than 20 feet from the public right-of-way and Ohio EPA is concerned about the city’s drilling for monitoring wells on the property? It appears there are two sets of regulations – one for the dump and one for the City of Oregon.

An employee from the dump – he either left or was let go –now has been indicted by a grand jury for the period January 2005 to April 2007. His name appears on all the groundwater events and he was supposed to be pumping the whole dumpsite. We all should be very concerned about what happened here. The two raw intake lines run through this dump and nine months of field logs are missing that will tell us how much fluid was pumped from the easement or if it was even pumped.

We really don’t know what happened here. In the summer of 2007, ESOI wrote to Ohio EPA that it could not locate these records and that the computer hard drive was damaged so they could not retrieve the records. Does this mean that the financial records are also missing? Of course, the law clearly states that Envirosafe is required to maintain these records. I guess this is a violation and they are not in compliance with their permit. The director of the Ohio EPA has full authority to pull the permit. Do you really think that this director will pull their permit when this very agency is funded by the companies they regulate?

Many questions need to be asked here. When did the State of Ohio confiscate the documents form the dumpsite? What documents did they confiscate? What about the missing field logs concerning the Toledo water easement dated April 2006 through December 2006?

The money keeps coming out of the closure/post-closure fund for this dump to do corrective action activity and it should be coming from daily operations money. When payment was made for waste disposal at the dumpsite by the ESOI customers, where did the payments go? There is not enough money in that fund to maintain the dump in the post-closure period.
Joann Schiavone




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