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To the editor: Regarding the letter “Facts are Stubborn” in the April 9 issue of The Press, hats off to Tim Krugh, Lake School Board President, for stepping up and explaining why there were cuts, why Ken Smith has looked at things the wrong way, why we need to keep our school with an “Excellent” rating and that we as citizens need to step up and vote.
Senior citizens, back in your school years, the cost to operate a school was nothing like today, but your parents and grandparents supported the school for you in taxes, donations, etc., and they were able to keep food on the table for your family. For those in middle age, only a few years ago, you were in a school system somewhere and yes, you received a good education if you put yourself forward to receive it. You also had a lot of new technology that your parents or grandparents didn’t have due to levies passed by the voters.

Again, thanks to the many that voted to support your school.
Let’s support the upcoming levy and give our children the same that many others gave you and me when we attended school. We don’t want the district to have to cut classes, sports, musicals, etc. for children attending school now.

Carol Hanely

Half the facts
To the editor: Like a politician or someone who has an agenda, Larry Knudson highlights numbers in a way that supports his cause while ignoring those numbers that do not.
In his recent editorial, he refers to the Cupp Report, available for each Ohio school district on the Ohio Department of Education website, and points out that Lake administrators make 10 percent more than their counterparts from similar sized districts. Oh, what a terrible abuse of taxpayer dollars.
But, for some reason, he neglects to mention that the Administrator FTE calculation (Full Time Equivalents, or Administrators per 1,000 Pupils) is 13.6 for similar districts vs. 9.0 for Lake; or that the Pupil/Administrator Ratio is 133 for similar sized districts and 180 for Lake.
If one were to do the math, (remember math, Larry?) then one would realize that the administrator salary cost for a similar sized district would be $962,748 vs. $698,756 for Lake. That’s more than a quarter of a million of his tax dollars that we are saving him, each and every year.
Extending this further to teacher salaries, the annual Lake savings compared to similar sized districts is even larger, $617,495.
Finally, the Cupp Report shows that the Lake District’s Local Tax Effort, a calculation that includes the Median Income number, was 80 percent compared to 97 percent for similar-sized districts.
These are the facts:
1) Lake is rated Excellent by the Ohio Department of Education;
2) We do it for 15 to 20 percent less annually on a cost per pupil basis.
3) The State of Ohio says you are only paying 80% of your fair share.
Does anything else really matter?
The entire 2011 Cupp Report is available in a PDF format on Treasurer’s page of the website and the interactive version is available on the Ohio Department of Education’s website by searching on Cupp Report.

Jeff Carpenter
Treasurer, Lake Local Schools
Editor’s note: Knudson is a former Lake Schools board member.





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