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Worn & tattered mantra
To the editor: Congratulations, Woodmore voters.

Once again, the voters of the Woodmore School District have opened the wallets of their neighbors and extracted money and resources for which they did not labor, for a cause without limits that will undoubtedly extend into the far distant future.

We have laws against extortion, theft and slavery, yet with a single vote, we can legally plunder our neighbor’s bank account without impunity and place him and his heirs into a position of involuntary servitude. Many of our retirees have found that even after working all their lives to pay off the mortgage on the cottage or family farm, there is still a yearly rent that must be paid. To refuse to pay will result in the confiscation and eviction of the supposed owner and the transfer of the property to a new “owner” who is more, shall we say, civic minded.

A criminal who comes to you with a weapon and demands the contents of your wallet will face the wrath of the legal system and in most states, you have the right to defend your person and your property. There is no defense against the vote. Once it has been cast, the ballot has the force of law to support it. If the commune decides that it needs a new school, fire station, park, road or factory – and the list could go on indefinitely – all that is necessary for the simple majority to cast their ballot and presto, money flows out of your pocket to the coffers of those who claim to know better how to spend what you have worked for.

The mantra of “we must do it for our children” is worn and tattered. The term “our children” is offensive as it reflects a collectivist ideology. My child does not belong to the school district, or the state or federal government. He or she is my responsibility, just as your children are your responsibility. Many in our modern society have bought into this socialist dribble that government knows best. What a load of horse manure. Having had considerable experience with both ends of the animal qualifies me to recognize it when I see it. Of course, anyone who objects is marginalized as ignorant or uncaring.

I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who once said, “democracies will continue until the people find out that they can vote themselves gifts out the public treasury.” His words ring true today as voters who do not even own property cast ballots to take from those who do. When does this insanity end? The idea of true property ownership under this perverted system is simply a myth.

Once again, the plunderers of the Woodmore School District have reinforced the fact that the ballot in the hands of an ignorant and irresponsible citizen is as destructive to freedom and property rights as a weapon in the hands of a criminal.

I for one would rather face the criminal – at least I have a chance to defend myself against his advances and in any event, it is soon over, as opposed to the indefensible, continual bloodletting of the levies.
Gene Weishuhn
Lindsey, O.

What’s the real cost?
To the editor: Studies have found that the size of classes in the first years of school have a substantial impact on students’ math and reading, and the results continue through their entire school career. The reduction in the elementary staff and the elimination of all-day, every-day kindergarten and to close the Walbridge building is going to have an immediate as well as a long-term effect on the quality of education that our children will receive for many years.

I have volunteered for the Ohio Reads program, both before and after the change to all-day, every-day kindergarten and my experiences have been that the kindergarten students are doing much better and are learning much more and faster than in the past, making them better prepared for the next years of their education. It would be interesting to have the principal prepare a report on the improvements that have been seen since the implementation of all-day every-day kindergarten.

Tim Krugh (board of education president) commented that all-day, every-day kindergarten is not required, but what other programs that are not required did the board decide were more important than the education of our elementary students? There are plenty of programs and activities that are not required of the school that the board has decided to fund. While I support these activities, I do not value them more than the education of our youngest students. While removing eight elementary teachers, a guidance counselor and the only school nurse, they hire a football coach as a physical education teacher for almost $54,000 a year.

How much is it going to cost the district to return to the quality of education that our children must have? With the closing and proposed sale of the Walbridge building, it means that the district is going to have to build either an addition to the existing elementary school, or another building to return our class size to where it should be. Otherwise, it means that we will never be able to get our education standards back to where they should be due to a lack of space. How many millions are they going to ask for? How many mills will that levy be for? Is it wise to make cuts that are going to require additional taxes in the future?

How can the school board and administration expect the public to support them when they put the education of our students second? How can you keep spending money on non-academic and even academic extras while increasing class size to the most vulnerable students? Some of these cuts are appropriate, but most of these cuts should be last place cuts and not second place.
Kenneth Smith
Editor’s note: Smith is a former Lake School Board Member.



Boy Scouts

Do you favor or oppose the Boy Scouts admitting girls?
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