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To the editor: The members of the 95th Infantry Division Assn. will not soon forget their 59th reunion in Toledo, held July 31-Aug. 3.

It was our first reunion there and the hospitality expressed by all we met added to the good feelings we WWII veterans experience at our annual meetings.

There were many memorable events and they were highlighted by having the Ohio members of the Patriot Guard greet us and later participate in memorial services. The “Iron Men of Metz” were honored at a Mud Hen’s game and were thrilled to hear the singing of our National Anthem by so many.

The late Dick Schoen of Toledo had invited the Association to consider his hometown for selection as our reunion site last year. We were fortunate to have made that choice and extend our sincere thanks to all who contributed to the success of the reunion. Particular mention has to be made to the entire Schoen family, corporate sponsors, the staff of the Holiday Inn French Quarter and individuals too numerous to list.

John Komp, Col, USA (Ret.)
President, 95th Infantry Division Association

Economy math
To the editor: The dollar replaced the penny in our currency.

Not to mention what’s happened to our utilities.

The rising prices of gasoline and groceries

Has left us all having fewer amenities.

Do you think there’s more to this analogy

Than the struggling of our economy?

Why yes, my friends, we can all just think again.

Unemployment’s at its height and crime has taken flight.

In a hope not to lose our homes and hear the candidates’ groans.

Making promises they don’t keep for the votes that they seek.

Yet while this continues forth, nature’s on her course.

Causing destruction in her path, so let’s all do the math.

The dollar replaced the penny in our currency,

Can you even afford your gas and groceries?

Unemployment’s at its height, and crime has taken flight.

Most have lost their homes,

The candidates are throwing bones.

Nature’s destruction’s in our path,

So how’s that for math?

Karen Bennett

Pageant rerun?
To the editor: After seeing Sarah Palin’s speech last night I’m scared to death to know that if Sen.  McCain wins this election and something happens to him, not that he's a great blessing, we would have an old beauty queen running our country.

 Never once from her did we hear about jobs, or lack of them, about health care, education, and the environment other than let’s drill for oil. That will only put a bandage on the problem - not solve it or look for alternatives.

We were told by her that victory in Iraq is finally coming. How many times have we heard this line? I thought I was watching the rerun of a beauty pageant with that speech she gave.

It's not about how many kids she has, and being a hockey mom, it's about taking care of the mess that the Bush boys got this country in. The Bush administration has depleted the middle class people. You are either very rich and own seven houses, or you are very poor trying to survive on the crumbs from a fallen government.

It's not the color of your skin that brings intelligence to the table. So those of you who can't seem to think past the color, and vote in another four years of what you have been getting for the past eight years, deserve them.

God save America and let’s put this once great country back on its feet. Vote for all the right reasons, and don't allow yourself to vote for the color of their skin.

Joann Schiavone




Do you agree with President Trump's order that reunites illegal immigrant parents and their children?
1758860205 [{"id":"262","title":"Yes. Families should not be broken up.","votes":"2","pct":28.57,"type":"x","order":"1","resources":[]},{"id":"263","title":"No. A judge's ruling in 1997 separates illegal immigrant families.","votes":"0","pct":0,"type":"x","order":"2","resources":[]},{"id":"264","title":"Yes. Illegal immigrant families should then be deported.","votes":"5","pct":71.43,"type":"x","order":"3","resources":[]}] ["#194e84","#3b6b9c","#1f242a","#37414a","#60bb22","#f2babb"] sbar 160 160 /component/communitypolls/vote/97-immigrant No answer selected. Please try again. Thank you for your vote. Answers Votes ...