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To the editor: The Oak Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all those that contributed to our Memorial Day Military Picture Display located at Flat Iron Park.

It was a great honor and privilege to provide our troops with a small thank you for all that they have done and continue to do. God Bless Our Troops.
Valerie Winterfield, Executive Director
Oak Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce

Let’s shine
To the editor: After reading a previous concern from a local citizen weeks ago, I must echo her sentiments 100 percent.

This summer, we have to take drastic initiatives as a community to come together to support the cultural and performing arts. The ideas mentioned are ideal for a community such as ours and would bring forth a great sense of civic pride and accomplishment.

As of this letter, citizens are probably too busy planning another weekend at local bar establishments, fishing or going elsewhere to seek entertainment. Why can’t we “think outside of the box?” There is an apathetic, “chip-on-the-shoulder” small-town attitude that keeps us from progressing into the future and looking ahead at future, positive developments in the cultural arts and beyond. I challenge all of us to show a better sense of city pride and ethics by being proactive.

Take the initiative and creative ideas previously suggested and move forward. Let’s bring opera, symphonies, juried art shows, wine tastings, independent and classic cinema to our region. We have a jewel of a location amongst the Lake Erie Circle Tour from Perrysburg to Huron and beyond. Let’s dust it off and let it shine this summer.
Joseph Zarecky

Save America
To the editor: I am writing this letter hoping that those who can will make laws to rectify one of America’s largest problems. Please, please take this situation seriously. We must strive to find a solution to this grave error.

After 9-11, all of us saw that we were in serious trouble. We have people in our cities who want us eliminated. These people don’t believe in American democracy. If we do not close our border to any and all immigrants, we are creating a very dangerous situation that we will never be able to solve.

Closing all borders soon can save our country from allowing those who hate us to infiltrate our towns and cause us not to be safe. Many, many of America’s soldiers died to preserve this feeling for us.

We Americans can do nothing to solve our problems except change our votes to rid officials who do not heed our wishes. This move to close borders is an extremely difficult task, but if we wait too long, it may be unsolvable in the future.

We are losing self-owned, small businesses at a racetrack pace. At this rate, it won’t be long before America’s small businesses will not exist. Think about this situation – what a shame! What will happen to the good, old-fashioned American way we grew up in? To not look at this problem is to not care about our working people.

One of our past leaders once said, “He who has the votes holds the keys.” We cannot allow Washington to let our country to be sold out to folks who hate us and our precious way of life.

We beg you who are lawmakers to listen to our cry and do the right thing. We do hold the keys.

Save America for the Americans. We are hurting for jobs and only so many exist. To let foreigners come to our land will make this extreme problem much worse.

Our weapon of choice is the voting booth.
Larry Erard

Graduates truly “Flyers”
To the editor: Congratulations to the 2010 graduating class of Lake High School. I am full of admiration for you.

Thank you for sharing your commencement with us and allowing us to witness the accomplishments that you have attained. Many of you graduated with high honors and are going to continue your education, and several are aspiring to serve our country in the military. Most of all, you have displayed great fortitude in the midst of devastation.

The communities and your families have experienced first-hand complete devastation. Those of us who see the pictures cannot fathom the emotions that all of you must be feeling. Still, you have gathered together to offer help and support to your friends and neighbors. Your strength and your courage have called many others to also join in and find ways to help and show support. That is truly what being an American is about.

Like the mythical Phoenix, you will rise from the ashes to become new and stronger. You will become great citizens and leaders because you will look at things differently now and know what true worth is. Whatever life brings your way, you will know without a doubt that you can endure. You won’t need drugs or alcohol to ease the pain because you can recognize the hope within that compels us to rise above the hardships.

You will not be alone. Take that sense of community that you have seen and experienced to the new places to which you travel.

Class of 2010, continue to stand tall just like the American flag that still hangs proudly in your school. You have proven that Lake High School is more than a building that now lies in rubble.

Amazingly, you diplomas were spared. Thank you to the board members who wisely and quickly rescheduled commencement to start the journey of healing together.

May the students who come after you follow your example and help Lake high school rise again, strong and excellent.

We will expect to see great things come from Lake Schools. You are truly “Flyers” and will soar into the future.
Mary Lee Grieshaber

Something stinks
To the editor: The city of Oregon is having a fireworks display on July 4th. It is being funded by the city and from donated profits from the local BP/HUSKY refinery. I read about this celebration on, of all places, on the back of my water bill.

Can anyone seriously find anything to celebrate and be joyous about accepting this money and burning it up on fireworks while so many in the Gulf area are in such a crisis? Shame on City of Oregon Administrator Mike Beasley, for telling me that this is local profits and BP is a good neighbor and this money was given for fireworks before the crisis and now has nothing to do with what is going on in the Gulf. I asked him to reconsider and he said he would have to think about this and give him a week. If he needs time to think about it he just doesn’t get it.

I urge everyone to contact Mr. Beasley and express your outrage and this untimely and inappropriate use of BP profits donated to the City.

There is still time for the City of Oregon to change its’ mind about burning up thousands of dollars for fireworks. I think the money should go to the suffering families of the men who lost their lives on the oil rigs and to all the others who are suffering losses in the Gulf region. We all will be suffering soon enough too!

Something certainly stinks about this situation and it has much to do about what BP has done in the Gulf of Mexico.
Suzanne Deck




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