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To the editor: Some advice for young people – this getting old is disgusting.

You become forgetful, knock things over, spill things and goof up the simplest job. In the middle of a sentence, you have a “senior moment” and can’t remember a word. You know exactly what you want to say but can’t remember the word.

There is an old saying, “Getting old is not for sissies.”

To prevent or postpone the onset of these troubles, you must stay active, keep trim and eat right. Everyone knows how to stay healthy. Eat your vegetables and fruit and limit the fat and sugar intake. Exercise and keep your belly trim and hold your weight down.

I think everyone needs a special warning about the 50s. Somewhere in the 50s, people come to enjoy their creature comforts, let themselves go and get out of shape. You must struggle against that and go into your 60s and retirement in the best shape you can attain. If you can’t or won’t exercise anymore get a dog and walk it every day.

Having a hobby, a good social life, a happy sex life, a good sense of humor and an appreciation for music will make you happy. Happiness translates into good health.

This may add to your years but I’m not talking about length of life – I’m talking about quality of life.
Louis Agoston

Vigilance needed
To the editor: The court-martial trial of Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew McCabe, one of Northwest Ohio’s own young people (2003 graduate of Perrysburg High School) is getting under way this week. He allegedly punched a man who was arrested and being detained for being the mastermind behind the killing of four U.S. security contractors in 2004.

I want to call all of you to stay on top of the trial of his trial in order to make sure he is treated fairly.

Reading what I have been able to on the charges against him, it sounds to me like he just lost control because of his love of country. Do we really want to punish men and women for that? We enlist them, train them and part of that training we get them all jacked up to go to war and fight for us. Being so charged up and at war, we know things can happen.

I ask you this, if he’d punched a fellow sailor would we be court-martialing him or just punishing him and getting him back to duty ASAP?

Muslim terrorists hate us. All of us. They have been clear about their beliefs and plans. We need to remember that and not play it down.

Have we all not lost it at some time or another in our lives? When we do, we need to be accountable for our actions, but none of us expects to be over-punished or over-charged – we expect just consequences for our mistakes.

If Petty Officer McCabe planned out and acted criminally then I want him punished accordingly, but it sure doesn’t sound like this was pre-meditated. Now if this is just an aggressive feeling that overwhelmed him for a brief moment we need to forgive him. Since the beginning of time, young men have punched each other for various reasons, some of those in fun and some in anger.

Any coach who has ever coached young men and women will tell you fouls and penalties that come out of being aggressive for the team are good things as long as they don’t happen in abundance.

Let’s watch this court-martial trial closely and contact our senators and congressional representatives and let them know we don’t want any more sailors, soldiers or marines sacrificed to please a minority group trying to speak for the majority.

The way I look at it, I want a U.S. government that errs to the side of caution that protects those serving us in the military.

Petty Officer McCabe needs us to be watching. All those serving need us to be watching. They need us watching their backs making sure they are treated as the heroes they are. They sure as hell have our backs on the streets here and the trenches of war abroad.
Mark Reeves




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