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The facts are simple
Written by Jane Ann Miller   
Friday, 19 February 2010 09:26

To the editor: I am writing in response to the article about Terri Camp. I am Jane Miller, the driver of the vehicle she crashed into. She killed my son.
On April 3, 1993, Terri Camp killed my son, Ronald Gene Miller, Jr.
Her 10-year prison time was served, but twice in that time she came up for parole and we had to relive this night over again to fight to keep her in prison.
Now after all this time, because she wants something, we are forced to relive this again.
So now she’s rehabilitated. It’s a little too late for Ronnie though, isn’t it?

I hope everyone in Ottawa County takes heed of the elected officials that have signed her petition. To put her back on the road after three DUIs before killing my son, just isn’t right. I can’t petition the court to get my son back. Her insurance is the minimum amount the state of Ohio requires. Had she even had that amount when she invaded my life it would not have been enough to cover all the medical bills, let alone funeral and cemetery costs she inflicted upon us. Oh, but her court costs etc., are paid. We had to borrow money to pay for our son’s funeral and cemetery costs. That’s not even counting the loss of my vehicle, and I was off work for three months from my injuries. But if her fines are all paid, I guess that doesn’t matter. 
Are we supposed to give Terri Camp a medal because she has a job now and claims sobriety? I wonder if she has been randomly checked for alcohol or drug use since she’s been out of prison. Why is it she always is portrayed as the victim?
She claims to tell the story of her experience, however I don’t know how. She was so drunk that night I’m sure she doesn’t remember – but I remember.
She actually had no job, no insurance and three prior DUIs.
She even had the nerve to write me a letter while in prison telling me how she had gone to my son’s gravesite, and how while she was in prison she was telling “our” story. She absolutely has no clue what she took from our family.
I get exhausted thinking about this horrific night, and every time Terri Camp wants something, it’s all brought up again. I’m so tired of it.
Punishment is exactly what it is. She should be punished for the rest of her life for what she’s done. We can’t petition the courts to get Ronnie back.
Why can’t she quit thinking of herself for a change? The facts are simple – she created her own punishment with her poor choices and selfish acts, so she should have to live with it the rest of her life.
It would be a slap in the face to our family if she gets her license back. My son’s death should not be made light of. He’s the one who has suffered the most over this – not her.
If anyone reading this agrees, he or she should write a letter to Judge Bruce Winters stating just that.

Jane Ann Miller

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posted by Jason, February 22, 2010
Jane Miller,
I am so sorry for your loss and could never begin to understand your pain. You are right on with everything you stated in your letter and I cannot understand how these people in "power" positions do not. The facts are the facts. Terri Camp made the decision to drink and drive, and in that decision she took a life, the life of an innocent child. People make decisions every day, and with our decisions come consequences. In my opinion her decision to drink and drive, after she had already been convicted three prior times, shows that she has a problem. She not only has a problem with alcohol but she also has a problem with authority, the same authority that she is asking to help her regain her license. I don't care who she is, who she thinks she is, or what she has done fix her problems. SHE KILLED A CHILD!!!! I feel that she is lucky enough not to have been put to death. She had prior DUI's, got back on the road, DRUNK ,and then killed someone. I can understand getting a break after one (which she did by getting her license back) but after that she should be considered a DRUNK and a danger to society. She should have never gotten her license back in the first place. And we should be blaming the State for that. I will be writing not only Judge Bruce Winters but also the State of Ohio on this subject. You are not alone in this fight, people need to be held responsible. One more thing... Shame on you, Police chief Roy Whitehead, for using religion to back your reasoning on giving her another chance. She has had too many chances already. Are we willing to take a chance on her killing another person if she were to drink and drive again? Her previous record says it all, we didn't write her record she did. You should know this more than anyone.


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