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A secret business?

To the editor: There are plenty of empty buildings downtown, just waiting for buddies of those who played a role in ruining East Toledo’s only means to draw large crowds at sporting and entertainment events. Now that these back-door policies are becoming part of the financial reward for helping relocate the arena downtown have vanished, the River East Economic Revitalization Corp. wants to suddenly become our long-lost savior and tax the hell out of us.


When Lucas County Commissioners Tina Skeldon Wozniak and Pete Gerken, along with state Rep. Peter Ujvagi betrayed East Toledo voters, taxpayers and hockey fans, River East did nothing to stop this outrage of looting East Toledo of its most prized position – the Sports Arena.

While hockey fans protested, shouting for investigations, not a peep was heard from River East. That lack of support was noticeable as the Sports Arena and its jobs vanished. Just like the 24,258 votes that said “build the new arena on Main Street,” River East disappeared. Even on that hot August day in 2007, just a block away from their River East office, sledgehammers began to chip away at the old arena. River East was absent. Not a drop of water was offered to console hundreds of fans who had come to pay their last respects to this old building. As protestors shouted remarks at Mayor Carty, school girls cried. Yet nowhere was River East.

Its current director, Brad Peebles, has a lot of gall to ask homeowners to support more taxes. His ideas are about as controversial and selfish as Marina District developer Larry Dillin’s big plans to turn the 123 acres (given to him by city council) into a playground for rich boaters.

East Toledo and the Marina District do no need Larry Dillin. We do not need boat docks, marine terminals or row houses. We need businesses like gambling casinos that can ease the tax burden on homeowners.

Larry Dillin’s downtown ideas are not going to make us into the Promised Land of tax rollbacks. I am sorry to burst the bubble, but if there is any money floating around, it will come from gamblers, not from boat docks.

River East has remained one of those secret businesses whose only concerns are shown when they are about to run out of money. Whatever they are supposed to work at is about as unpredictable as Carty Finkbeiner. But whatever River East does for a living, take it downtown because your empty building is waiting.

Go Storm and Goaldiggers.
Sam Tarsha
East Toledo

A real gem

To the editor: Recently, we held the 20-year reunion of the Woodmore High School class of 1988 at the new Brown Welcome Center at the Schedel Gardens and Arboretum and it was the perfect facility for our event. We were only the second group to utilize the new building, but everything was expertly finished, superbly decorated and simply beautiful. The views from the conference room down to the lakes and gardens and sculpture below were breathtaking. The rooms were set up perfectly for receiving, dining and a catered buffet line. The center’s high-tech multi-media appointments also added to the enjoyment of our reunion, allowing us to have music and a slideshow presentation that no one had to crane a neck to see. The deck off the back of the center was the perfect place to catch up with old friends, enjoy the cool evening breeze and take in the serenity of the gardens.

The addition of this new welcome center just adds to the shine of this Northwest Ohio gem. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this facility for groups from family reunions to seminars to corporate board meetings.

Congratulations to the Joseph J. and Marie P. Schedel Foundation on such a wonderful addition to the Schedel Gardens and to the Elmore community as a whole.
Grant Cummings

Not fair

To the editor: We’ve all heard the phrase, “It isn’t fair,” or “that’s not fair used quite often. Even JFK stated that, “life isn’t always fair.”

One could wonder if “fairness” even exists. Take a horse race, for instance. How could that be fair? Surely one horse is faster than the other so we could hardly call that a fair race.

Let’s then take two horses with absolute equal speed and then let them race each other. Surely that could be called a fair race. But wait a minute – one horse is bound to have trained to some degree a little harder than the other one. If, because of his better training, he won the race, would that be fair?

Actually, it isn’t possible to give a fair judgment as to the existence or non-existence that we call “fairness” in the limited space that we have available at this time.

It really wouldn’t be fair, would it?
Joseph Kubasek

And so it is

To the editor: Oregon on the Bay, with 4.5 miles of shoreline.

Oregon puts raw sewage into the Bay - into Otter Creek on the west and Wolfe Creek on the east. Oregon pumps sewage into Otter Creek at three different places when it rains a lot.

Oregon discharges raw sewage into Wolfe Creek, which goes to the beach at Maumee Bay when it rains a lot.

Maumee Bay was to benefit when property owners paid for sewers on Seaman and Stadium. Septic systems were old and failing. The sewage would stop entering the bay it was thought. Oregon’s old sewer lines along Woodville and Wheeling get lots of rain water in the sewer pipes… too much for the sewer plant. Oregon has the old sewer lines backing into the new Seaman and Stadium sewer lines. But the residents from the old part of town were not charged for the new lines

Oregon administrators say they would not swim in Maumee Bay.

Oregon’s does not report the sewage it puts in Maumee Bay.

Oregon’s drinking water intake is near Maumee Bay.

Oregon cares little about Maumee Bay.

And so it is.

Oregon dumps sewage. People pay to stop the sewage.

Sad that Oregon cares little about Maumee Bay.
Sandy Bihn
Western Lake Erie Waterkeeper



Boy Scouts

Do you favor or oppose the Boy Scouts admitting girls?
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