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To the editor: There is overwhelming statistical data that establishes beyond any doubt that red light cameras do not increase safety.  Their use actually damages the overall safety in a community, and cameras increase the number of accidents.

The data in Northwood is misleading because improvements have been made to poor intersections where accidents were occurring. The continual turn lane on Wales and Oregon greatly contributes to a reduction in the number of accidents and traffic violations in Northwood.

There are better ways to protect our community than the use of cameras, such as proper traffic engineering. For example, studies have shown that extending the time between a red light for traffic traveling in one direction and the green light activating for traffic traveling in another will essentially end all T-bone accidents. This is because, even if a person runs a red light, traffic does not start from the other direction for three to four seconds.

There are six reasons to discontinue use of the cameras:
• The cameras do not increase safety;
• The cameras cause greater distraction to drivers;
• The cameras drain money from our local economy, enriching those companies in Arizona and Australia;
• The cameras deter drivers/customers from patronizing businesses located in Northwood, for fear of being issued an undeserved violation;
• The cameras are unconstitutional, as they deny a person issued the violation the constitutional right to confront his or her accuser;
• The cameras allow people to break our traffic laws, with the only consequence being a mere bill.
Edward Schimmel
Northwood City Council

Fire the volunteers?
To the editor: From an outside perspective, it may not seem efficient or responsible to jump into freezing water to save a dog, but my community supports its fire department. A reader’s letter implied they are not deserving of our respect and appreciation.

Our township has equipment, full-time paramedics and fire fighters who volunteer their time. For the added expense of a few gallons of diesel fuel, something good happened. Yes, the golden retriever was saved, and they were recognized by The Press, but there’s also the value of training in actual conditions. Sometimes kids fall into freezing water too, and that’s hard to simulate.

These friends and neighbors are competent and willing to jump into their boots and do what they do. They do risk their lives and they do it on their own time. Then they wash trucks and inspect equipment and sweep floors and place their boots next to their beds and serve us pancakes on Sunday to raise funds.

We should all be so fortunate.
Andy Knepper
Woodville Township

Leaders still asleep
To the editor: After 9-11, the day America was given a wake-up call, did our leaders fall asleep? The following week, I was so awakened that I sent a letter to our representatives and made a “fifth-grade” suggestion: please consider closing our borders.

We are being quietly invaded by people who religiously want to destroy us and our hard-earned way of life. We cannot watch everyone walking our streets, but perhaps we could even the playing field if we eliminated new visitors to our shores. First of all, we do not have enough employment for American workers, so why would we invite new people from foreign lands to come here and take jobs that our people greatly need. It doesn’t make much sense to this “fifth-grader.”

Secondly, we should ask all non-American visitors to try to understand our plight and return to their homelands until such time that we can solve our problems of getting American workers a place to work and protect our great country from evil people who arrive by airplanes and boats. Enough is enough, Washington. Act as smart as a fifth-grader. Give America back to Americans.

Also – for you folks from other lands, we sure hope someday we can invite you to come back to a safer and better America where jobs will be available. Remember, Washington – foreigners do not (legally) vote.
Larry Erard




Do you agree with the Supreme Court ruling that the Colorado baker did not have to prepare a cake for a gay wedding?
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