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To the editor: On Wednesday, Nov. 25, Channel 11 was in town visiting the high school and various places around town showing how people work together for the betterment of the community.

The day was sunny, gray, sunny again then rain off and on, but it did not dampen the spirits of the Elmore area people as they turned out for the evening news with Chrys Peterson, Jerry Anderson and Robert Shiels at the corner of Rice and Toledo streets. As part of the evening program, the elementary school children placed decorations they had made on the big Christmas tree, the switch was pulled and oohs and ahhs floated through the air as the lights came on.

People brought food and toys for the local food pantry and Toys for Tots, hoping to fill two pick-up trucks for the local needy. To wrap up the evening news, one of the Woodmore choirs sang a Christmas song by the Christmas tree, creating a picturesque scene.

Then people journeyed to the Grace Lutheran church for the Community Thanksgiving worship service, singing songs of praise and worshipping together.

On Thanksgiving Day, many volunteers worked at the Woodmore High School with smiles on their faces and a cheery hello, serving a turkey dinner with all the trimmings to people who entered the cafeteria doors. There was a lot of planning, cooperation and work involved to make sure everything turned out like it should.


Even though Thanksgiving is over, I am very thankful I live in a community that is loving and caring.
Betty Marlow Miller


Lead poisoning sources
To the editor: I enjoyed seeing your article, “Bald eagle owes life to park ranger, township trustee.”

It’s certainly very important to highlight these environmental problems and give credit to all the folks who work hard to find solutions and help animals. Lead poisoning continues to be a big problem in bald eagles and other wildlife species.

As a veterinarian who’s been working on wildlife issues for over 30  years, I just wanted to make the comment that from what we know, very little of the lead poisoning in eagles comes from fish (unlike the issue with loons). It is thought that most eagle poisoning comes from ingestion of lead fragments embedded in the tissues of animals (waterfowl, deer, etc.) that have been shot by bullets or shotgun shot and then later scavenged by the eagles.

A couple good Web sites with further info on lead poisoning in wildlife include and
Mark A. Pokras, DVM
Wildlife Clinic & Center for Conservation Medicine
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Tufts University
N. Grafton, MA

Most important job
To the editor: I am the father of four, grandfather of 12 and great-grandfather of seven and have observed life and living for 79 years and I declare that being a mother is the most important job in the world.

If you want a fine, decent, responsible all-around good adult, then a mother must do a good job raising, loving and instructing that child and young adult.

Years ago, the “women’s libbers” destroyed all respect for stay-at-home mothers. So, young ladies are flocking to schools to secure a career.

I admire that because with a career, the young lady can contribute to making a better life for her family. If something happened to her mate, she will be able to take care of herself and her family.

I would hope that the career lady that has children will state home with the children until they are all in school and only then return to pursue her career.

Our country’s future depends on you ladies. I say again, mother is the most important job in the world.
Louis R. Agoston

Solid support
To the editor: Without the generosity of blood donors, the American Red Cross Western Lake Erie Blood Services Region would not be able to meet the needs of patients in the 24 hospitals we serve. Hundreds of blood drives are held at community centers, houses of worship and schools throughout the year. However, we are also dependent on the generosity of local businesses to meet our blood collection needs.

Even as our area has experienced a difficult economic environment the majority of our corporate blood drives have remained solid in their support and for this we are thankful. We would like to say thank you to all our blood donors, as well as to the employers and employees of the following Ottawa County businesses: First Federal Bank, Genoa Retirement Village, the Coast Guard Station, Davis Besse, Riverview Healthcare Campus, Magruder Hospital and the Ottawa County Courthouse.

Thanks also to employees at Bay Park Community Hospital, BP-Husky Refining, the City of Oregon, Eastern Community YMCA, Heritage Church in Oregon, Hope Community Church, St. Charles Hospital and Sun Refining.
Donald Baker
Chief Executive Officer
American Red Cross
Western Lake Erie Blood Services Region

A myopic view
To the editor: My hat is off to Newsweek for having the guts to print the truth in an age of Republican-controlled propaganda news media. Ms. Palin believes the Fundamentalist church should control America and what we think and do.

Contrary to the conservative lies, our Constitution calls for a separation of church and state. It has been followed for almost 18 years until Jerry Falwell decided he misread the Bible and that Fundamentalist should make America a church state.

The media for the last 30 years has been controlled by the conservatives. When Republicans were in power, they did away with the rules limiting media ownership. Giant Republican corporations like Fox, GE and Disney now own huge blocks of TV stations, newspapers and radio stations. The poor stupid conservatives believe the lies of liberal bias. For good measure, after seizing control, the Republicans did away with the Fairness Doctrine saying if one party speaks, the other must be given equal time to rebut.

You say you didn’t sleep when Newsweek did the Palin article. I hope you also didn’t sleep when media lied about John Kerry’s war record and destroyed a real American hero or when your news media made claims about Obama not being a U.S. citizen or he had an Arab name and was going to turn the country over to Arabs.

Republicans like yourself, Mr. Szozda, have a myopic view of the world that supports only your views and brainwashing – not reality.
Al Kapustar

To the editor:  Global warming (climate change) has been proven to be a hoax. The scientists pushing global warming manipulated the computers and the scientific facts or ignored the facts all together.

The politicians who have pushed and brainwashed the public about global warming have been shown to be what they truly are – a group who thinks they know what is best for each one of us.

Even the renowned NASA is contaminated by these government manipulators. Is there no depth of crookedness that these people will go to get their way?

So I say there is no way in God’s green earth that we allow these people to get hold of our health care!
Rufus Wallace

Not the solution
To the editor: How interesting– right next to an article where you down Newsweek for poor reporting, you speak on something you know nothing about. I know it is pages of opinion, but your opinion is very uneducated.

First of all, I have been working on Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon’s removal for a number of years. Obviously, as you stated, you don’t live in Lucas County, this falling, dying county. Obviously, you have never personally dealt with Tom Skeldon and how people are treated rudely when they call or go to the dog warden’s for help.

As an area dog behavior consultant, by court order, I have evaluated a good number of dogs he wanted to euthanize and they were very nice well-behaved family pets. I have gone to court with many taxpaying families who have non-aggressive dogs that Skeldon has been harassing because he deemed their dog was vicious. Some of these have been nice family pet pit bulls, others were dogs of various breeds that Skeldon thought they “looked like” pit-type dogs.

I have talked with people who were looking to buy a new home and would not even consider Lucas County because of our dog warden and his unleashed thirst for the blood of certain dog breeds and his greed for more money for licensing than anywhere in the state, and actually the United States.

Lucas county deserves better. Our economy is already one of the worst in the state and he kept coming back to the responsible pet owners and raising an already ridiculous fee just to fund his vendetta. He has hurt many people as well as put down way too many non-aggressive dogs.

You point to Skeldon’s tactics as to the cause of reduced number of dog bites. Have you ever considered all of the hardworking citizens, many of the rescue groups you mentioned, plus Humane Ohio spay/neuter clinic, which have promoted the spaying and neutering of thousands of dogs? Statistics show when animals are neutered, dog bites dramatically decrease.

Also have you considered all of us in the dog-behavior business? Many dog owners are now choosing to train their dogs and that also is proven to reduce dog-bite incidents. As an aggression specialist, I have worked with many families whose dogs show aggressive tendencies and through their diligence, have avoided having their dog turn into a statistic.

Guess what – dog bites have also been reduced in other counties where the citizens are not taken advantage of, nor treated like criminals because their dogs got lost. Skeldon has had over two decades to help educate the public, yet he spent most of his energies and money with propaganda and false indoctrination.

Yes, I agree there are many irresponsible people yet who do not spay/neuter, train or license their dogs. Believe me, I realize that Skeldon is not responsible for all of the pet overpopulation problems. Each and every citizen must take responsibility to neuter their animals. And try to adopt a rescue dog – don’t just go out and get a puppy that was most likely bred so the person could turn a buck. Simple economics – if people quit buying, production stops.

We all have to do our part and not just put the burden on the rescues you had mentioned and many others in this community. All the dogs in the Lucas County dog pound were created and then bought by someone in the general public. Obviously, this is a people problem, not a dog problem.

Mr. Szozda, I have been doing rescue, training and educating for more than 30 years. I know the cause and seriousness of the problem. I can honestly say, the way Skeldon runs our dog pound is not the solution.
Carol Humberger
“A Promised Friend” LLC dog training

Toledo water

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