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To the editor: A hot meal delivered to victims after a disaster. Blood when it is needed most. Shelter when there is nowhere else to turn.

These are just some of the ways the selfless gifts from our community are put to work through the American Red Cross. The lifesaving mission of the Red Cross is possible because of individuals like you and we are privileged to provide gifts that save the day for families in our community.

Thank you for your compassion, generosity and volunteer spirit. Thanks for giving.
Tim Yenrick
American Red Cross
Northwest Ohio Regional Director

A time for thanks
To the editor: The election is over. The good folks who voted have spoken. We have a new mayor. Now is the time to thank our previous mayor for her

steadfast efforts to promote our great city. It wasn’t an easy chore – it never has been and perhaps it never will be.

Congrats to our new mayor and wishes of good will to him.

I would like to mention an item of business that should be of great importance to our new mayor. He needs to look at the rules and regulations concerning building signs and supporting business.

We hire people to promote businesses, as we probably should. Many times, our officials have acted as if we are not here to promote, but to regulate negatively toward people who are willing to spend their hard-earned monies to take a chance on our fair town. We must create an atmosphere of helpfulness to these people. We need people with positive, not negative attitudes toward new large and small businesses.

We have many business people here who are capable to perform quality work, but it seems as if we see them lose out to out-of-town contractors. If we are neighbors of this city, should we not act as if we are neighbors and be considered so?

Out-of-town contractors do not live here, spend here, and don’t pay taxes here as do Oregon citizens.

Let’s help our neighbor workers and seek out local companies before we search for out-of-towners.
Larry Erard

Traffic trouble
The Lake Township Trustees are making another questionable traffic control decision.

The speed study on Woodville Road was done when the junction of 795 and I-280 was closed.  Traffic flow increased on Woodville and the adjoining streets as people detoured.  Many that detoured were not highly familiar with Woodville and the angular intersections.  Congestion, close calls, and accidents became more likely.

Route 795 and I-280 are now open.  Traffic flow has returned to normal on Woodville and the connecting roads but the speed limit will change due to a biased study.

The trustees reluctantly accept the study because if they proposed 45 mph and the state studied the road again, they might rule 55 mph to be appropriate.

The trustees other poor traffic control decision relates to the light at Cummings and 795.  When you cross the sensor on Cummings, the light changes instantly.  The idea is that emergency vehicles at the township building will get the light when needed.

There are dangerous unintended consequences.  When approaching an intersection, drivers can often judge whether a light may change because they can see cross traffic waiting.  This does not happen at Cummings and 795 because the light changes instantly.  This shortens brake time and leads to more yellow and red light runs, especially for semis.

Additionally, the light changes instantly from either side of the road. Emergency vehicles only enter from the north.  Shorting the corner on a left turn also trips the sensor creating a sudden, unexpected light change.  Also, if a motorist trips the sensor and an emergency vehicle pulls up 30 seconds later, the light will not change instantly again for them, so it is not reliable.

Fix these problems.  Have a fair study done on Woodville Road.  If the result is 50 mph, then it is justified.  Reprogram the light at Cummings.  Emergency vehicles have vehicle lights to protect them and the intersection is more dangerous left as is.
Lou Renford

Editor’s note: At the request of the township trustees, the Ohio Department of Transportation completed a speed zone study of State Route 51 (Woodville Road) in August and determined the warranted speed limit was 50 mph between Fostoria and Millbury roads – a reduction from 55 mph.  The study included the types of buildings along the route, lane width, accident history, intersections, and other factors.  ODOT was also responsible for the improvement project at State Route 795 and I-280.
According to Mark Hummer, township police chief, the sensor system at Route 795 and Cummings Road is also ODOT property and doesn’t trigger immediate signal changes at the intersection.

Fix the problem
To the editor: Remembering from history, countries that become corrupt did not allow their citizens the right to vote. We should all care enough to practice the privilege of voting. This makes us part of the process of choosing our leaders. If we do not vote, then we should not complain when laws are passed that we don’t agree with.

Maybe the rules of voter registrations should be changed. Many folks will not register to become voters because of the fact that they can be called upon to serve jury duty. Most people frown upon this service. It is sometimes very upsetting to have to take off work to be a juror. What does one do when they are not paid for the time they take off? What about the person who is self-employed and need to work just to survive? Especially in today’s faltering economy, we need to be at work if we are lucky enough to have a job going. Perhaps people who can take off for this service and get paid for it don’t see it the same as those who don’t. It surely is not easy.

Maybe the local officials should seek people who are receiving welfare or SSI checks and not having to worry about lost wages.

We need to fix the problem.
Larry Erard




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