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To the editor: Back many years ago, a very old friend of my family was asked this question: “What are the most important things in life?” He thought for a while and replied, “Having something to eat, having a place to get out of the weather and having a job to pay for these things. Any other things in our lives are secondary.”

Other functions of our lives are no way as important as these three facts of living. We in this country strive to have many things that we cannot afford. We must remember the old great saying, “We cannot spend more than we make.” If we do this, we will surely fail.

Today many of us are presently in debt almost to a point of financial collapse. Self-control of our financial spending is crucial.

Things we should have been taught in school evidently did not seem important to our schools’ curriculums. Maybe today classes have changed, but in my day, we were never taught about the real challenges of everyday living, such as renting or buying a place to live, paying electric and heating bills, cost of insurances, buying a car, cost of having children, clothing for our children, health care, education and so on.

Our old friend made another statement, “As far as education goes, remember the smarter we get, the closer to annihilation we become” as someone will eventually design a bomb that can wipe out all living creatures on earth. Thank about that.

The current mess in America has been laid upon us by our elected officials. Greed is the driving force to cause them to forget what our country was founded to be – a society “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

What people? Surely not us.

Lobbyists seem to control the House of Representatives and Congress. And it doesn’t matter what party is in control – we still are the forgotten people.

Our treaties with foreign countries, as far as trade and manufacturing are concerned, have allowed companies to move abroad for cheaper labor costs. Americans are being laid off by the thousands and not one single senator or congressman has the guts to stand up and ask for these treaties to be rescinded and to force these companies to come back home where products are made in America by Americans. A high import tax would solve this problem. The real reason NAFTA was allowed to happen was to pay back rich business owners for all their years of donating big monies to senators and congressmen for their election funds. “Payback time.”

It is assumed that they work for us. Who’s in charge? Not us.

Now to the real problem – school taxes.

We can all thank our ex-governor, Gov. Taft, for again bowing to the big business boys, releasing them of the personal property taxes that for years have helped our schools. What did he think the schools would do without this money – start bingo games? If all of Ohio’s school boards would go to Columbus and demand state help, maybe they would pay attention.

They gave us the state lottery and promised us a big piece of the pie. What we ended up with was just a sliver of the pie. Most of the lottery’s monies are spent on operations, machines and advertising, all of which benefit the companies that make the machines, sell the tickets and service the systems. How would you like to be the company that sells all of these products to the state every year? It has to be in the millions. Perhaps there are payoffs to some folks in Columbus. You’ll never know.

How about this idea? Let the state government, who by the way approves of gambling, sell the machines.

Let every business owner have the right to purchase one or two slot machines to put in their stores or bars or restaurants. Of these profits, let the state take 60 percent and the owners keep 40 percent. The 60 percent would go directly to the county school systems and not to the state’s pile of gold. That way no one at the state level can dip his or her hand into funds. School problems solved.

The state now wants to approve a few spots where casinos can be built and operated. By doing this, only the big boys can have control. Why not let the small business owners have a benefit also. Big boys pay back just as lobbyists do – right – right.

Now the bottom line. The economy smells bad and prices have gone sky high – food, gas, utilities, clothing, etc. We have hundreds of people in our city with no jobs and no unemployment compensation. Some, not some, but many, are on fixed incomes like social security. What are they to do? Does anyone care?

People with retirement plans have lost enormous amount of money in the stock markets. After years of hard work, they are depending on social security to survive. Wake up people! Times are as bad as I have ever seen!

We cannot pay out any more taxes as we still must pay for lodging, food, utilities - all of which have gone up greatly. Schools are good, teachers are great, but the old rule holds forever – live within your means!

Our laws must be changed. If you don’t own property, you should not have the right to vote on levies that raise other people’s property taxes. It is not fair or right.

The only fair tax is a sales tax. In this way, all people pay not just property owners. Many of us drink alcoholic beverages. Would placing a tax of 10 cents a bottle or mixed drink be out of line? Just think how many beers are bought in Ohio every day especially at sport functions. Let’s call it “The Beer School Tax.”

There’s better ways to save schools than property tax.
Larry Erard

Not out of line
To the editor: To the person that sent me the unsigned letter in regards to my letter to the editor entitled, “Dirty politics.”

I had assumed the Seferian children knew their mother had died of cancer. It was not a secret.

I, too, have lost loved ones. My parents, John and Anna Cunningham, and my 9-year-old son Michael died in a car accident. I found my brother, Dr. Jack Cunningham, dead in his home. Yes, this was very hard on me and my family but did not give me the right to act illegally or immorally, and I did not. People have talked about how they died…this is a part of life.

I do not feel my comments were out of line. They were only meant to show some incidents do not belong in politics. Someone is leaking confidential information to the public. I also use spell check, but know grammar that was lacking in your letter.
Carole Horvath

To the editor: The Genoa High School class of 1979 would like the thank the following businesses and individuals for making our 30-year reunion, “The Amazing Race” such a success.

They include Peggy and Rex Montgomery, Dennis Dudrow & Sons (special thanks to the one-legged roofer), Country Lane Tree Farm, Tri-State Bowling Lanes in Woodville, Benches, Oak Harbor Apple Festival and our final destination The Country Keg.

Special thanks to Lisa Gargas for all your help in finding members of our class, all my friends who assisted in the stops on the race and Vicki Webster and Jean for helping me plan the course.
Laura Van Liere




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