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To the editor: I read the article in last week’s edition of The Press concerning the shooting of the cats that occurred to the family living in Ottawa County.

I agree that this is a terrible thing to do to any animal, let alone a pet that belongs to someone. I found myself thinking about this incident and wondered if these cats were shot because they were wandering on property other than their owners’.

Where I live, I have a terrible time with cats roaming in my back yard, even though it is fenced in. Recently I have observed four or five cats (three of them being kittens) visiting my back yard and evidently on my front porch too, since there is an undeniable odor that remains after they are around. This is also evident in my back yard.

I personally do not appreciate the fact that I have to deal with someone else’s animals. Although I would not want to harm them in any way, I would hope that the owners would be responsible enough to control their animals and keep them in their own yards. There is a leash law for dogs and I feel that there should be some type of law regarding cats, since they seem to do more harm than a dog does. At least I can keep a dog out of my yard with a fence.


So if you own a black and white cat, a cat that resembles a Siamese cat and three kittens, I would appreciate it very much if you would attempt to keep your animals at home.
Jaclynn Kidd

A vote for agriculture
To the editor: On Nov. 3, Ohio voters will have a chance to put food safety in the hands of those who know what is best for our livestock.

A yes vote on Issue 2 will ensure that Ohioans will have a say in our food production and safety. Upon passage of Issue 2, the Livestock Standards Care Board will be established. The board will call upon animal experts, consumers, and farmers to look at livestock care and will be overseen by the Ohio Assembly.

Issue 2 is not about “factory farms.” It would provide standards for all farms, no matter the size of operation – just as activists’ extreme measures would affect all farmers, not just the large ones. The Issue 2 proposal is far more reasonable and better for Ohio farmers than extremist measures that have been proposed and passed in other states by animal rights groups, which have little to no regard for the negative impact of these proposals on family farms. Family farms account for 98 percent of the farms in Ohio.

I have one of those family farms. I do not raise livestock, but certainly respect those who do and the amount of dedication it takes to care for them. I do raise corn and soybeans, which are eaten by those animals. Pork production in Ohio alone uses 10 percent of the corn and 10 percent of the soybeans produced here. As a beginning farmer, I cannot afford to lose that much of my market to another state or country.

We cannot allow our livestock and poultry to leave either. Do we really want to be buying our pork chops, bacon and eggs from other countries?

For the sake of Ohio agriculture, affordable food, and animal welfare, vote yes on Issue 2.
Michael Libben
President, Ottawa County Farm Bureau

Dirty politics?
To the editor: I read with amusement the article in the Toledo Blade dated Oct. 8 about the controversy over Oregon Mayor Marge Brown’s son Jeff.

Many of the residents of Oregon, who are not firemen, are tired of the political attacks fed to the media.

Mike Seferian, when his first wife was dying of cancer and after, had a few run-ins with the schools and police with his children, but that was then and this is now. Can’t play both sides of the coin, can we?

Mayor Brown is running a clean campaign, which is deserving of praise and support. I never thought as a lifelong resident of Oregon that I’d see dirty politics in my city. It makes me wary of the offenders.
Carole Horvath

Reform is needed
To the editor: Thank you for the guest editorial, “Reform an Empty Word Without Public Action.”

The conservatives have spread many lies to defeat health care and especially the public option. The world has universal health care run by their governments and all major countries spend much less on better health care than we get in the U.S. They can choose any doctor and don’t have high deductibles and co-pays. Their insurance pays for everything.

This said, the Obama plan is a mess. It does nothing to lower costs. There will be cuts in Medicare and the chronically ill won’t be covered. Why? Because the senators who wrote the bill were bought and paid for by the health insurance industry. Obama is also opposed to the public option. While your average conservative is brainwashed and fought the health care bill for all the wrong reasons, for once in my life, I am glad these sheep got behind the corporate media and fought the current bill the Republicans have fought so hard to discredit the Democrats.
Al Kapustar



Boy Scouts

Do you favor or oppose the Boy Scouts admitting girls?
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