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Child’s play
To the editor: When I was a child, my parents always told me “try and get along with everyone.”

Well, I am no longer a child, but I feel it was one of the most important lessons I learned. Unfortunately, two elected officials of Jerusalem Township didn’t learn this lesson.

I have yet to attend a township meeting, but I have reviewed the recordings and the meeting minutes. I am absolutely disgusted with the results. To think, two grown men - elected officials - cannot act like adults when having a township meeting is just sad. They sit and point fingers at everyone but themselves. Many times, those who attend are treated with less respect than animals.


The next time Mr. Graffis demands copies of the videos and notes that Tracy Hansen takes for fiscal officer Julie Van Nest, he should try having a civil conversation with Mrs. Van Nest first. Then he would know the records are with the township, not in Mrs. …………. property. Making demands at people doesn’t make you respected or likable. Our elected officials missed that childhood lesson also.

There is no need to tell members of the community to “shut up” because they know the facts. If you don’t have anything nice to say Mr. Gray, do not say anything at all. Any child will be able to tell you that. There is no need to threaten people with being arrested simply because they are trying to help the township by having opinions. Another thing I learned as a child was, “don’t take what isn’t yours,” Mr. Graffis forgot about that old saying when he was taking insurance money from the township, and still has yet to repay it. 

Why should we have meetings when two of the three trustees won’t listen to the desperate cries of the people?
Molly Hansen

Just stockholders?
To the editor: A farmer plants a seed and grows a vegetable. He grows wealth. A gold-digger and an oil explorer discover wealth. A factory worker takes raw materials and produces a fine finished product. He produces wealth.

Being a doctor, lawyer, nurse teacher or police officer are all fine occupations but they do not create wealth.

We became the greatest and wealthiest nation on Earth by mass-producing quality products better than any other nation.

Unions got the working man a good living wage. All businessmen seem to hate unions. Why? Now the worker can afford to buy the businessman’s product and make him rich.

Our leaders have sent all those factories to Mexico, Canada and the Pacific Rim. Those jobs that were lost were all good tax-paying jobs. Our out-of-work factory workers can’t afford to buy those cheaper products made overseas.

What were our leaders thinking? Are we all supposed to be stockholders in their wealthy companies and live off the dividends?
Louis Agoston




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