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To the editor: I read with interest the sizeable article regarding Officer Brown on the front page of the most recent issue of The Press.

Accusations were made that the timing of the article was politically motivated to coincide with Mayor Brown’s bid for re-election. Regardless of one’s political views, I am writing this in the spirit of fairness. Toward the end of July, I wrote an editorial to The Press trying to inform the citizens of Oregon of the upcoming “Special Election” the Oregon Board of Education was apparently trying to sneak by the citizens. My editorial was not published because “there would not be adequate time for the other side to refute the claims.”


While I can see the need to publish breaking news having an immediate effect on the readership on the front cover of a newspaper albeit one that is published weekly, the article on Officer Brown hardly fell into that category and does make one wonder about the motivation behind the article being published at this time.

In the interest of fairness it would seem to me the rules for oppositional response should apply to all even if you are the “keepers of the ink.”
Sue LaPointe

Predawn school starts
To the editor: Schools that start kids’ day in the dark, putting them on cold dark streets and interrupting their soundest most beneficial rest have no respect for kids’ health or safety.

Millions of lights go on and furnaces kick up, increasing the cost of operating schools and homes. Most electricity is produced by burning the most polluting fossil fuel. Schools have no respect for operating costs or the environment. The business world opens up around 10 a.m., when the environmentalists and the EPA catch on they may pressure Congress to mandate all business to operate in daylight hours where possible. Ironically, many parents don’t get up –others send their kids off in the dark, turn off the lights and go back to bed.
Vincent Yancey

To the editor: Most candidates run for office because they want to improve their community and not because the pay is great or that that job is easy. The time is here again to try to discredit the candidates through the press and media. Why can’t campaigns be run with positive input and leave the innuendos, insinuations and non-related issues to the gossip mongers and out of the press and media?

During the Presidential campaign last year, we heard about Cindy McCain’s prescription drug problem, Sarah Palin’s support of her unwed daughter and the questionable ethics of Barack Obama’s pastor. Who cares? I am not voting for those people, only deciding which candidate will do the best job.

Now the headlines sensationalizing Mayor Marge Brown of Oregon for the indiscretions, bad judgment and even dismissed accusations of an Oregon police officer who happens to be her son, hired by her predecessor.

Mayor Brown stood back while her chief of police handled the situation and the matter is now considered closed per the Oregon Administrator.

Mayor Brown is a full-time mayor who has supported the Oregon community and citizens since she was first elected. As mayor, her door is always open and she returns phone calls and communications promptly. Before she was mayor of Oregon, she was a dedicated educator in the Oregon School System.

Has Mayor Brown made mistakes? I am sure she has, but just ask her and she will readily admit to them. There is no perfect person serving any of our communities, but most try their hardest to serve. Mayor Brown has served the Oregon citizens with integrity, diligence, respect and love of her community.
Joy Vail

Support appreciated
To the editor: This past week, the James “Wes” Hancock Oregon Senior Center presented its annual Fall Follies.  The follies feature “seasoned citizens” with a vast array of talent. In the production this year, Karen McConnell, a former employee and now a devoted volunteer, did a spoof on the educational programs offered at the center. It put a smile on everyone’s face.

But my smile faded when I stopped the following day at the customer service desk in Wal-mart. The elderly person ahead of me was attempting to purchase a money order to be sent out of the country. Luckily, the customer service gal questioned the transaction.

To make a long story short, the senior was being scammed. I want to applaud Wal-mart for educating their reps and the customer service person who put that training to use. Reaching out to area seniors with activities, programs, educational speakers, health screenings, nutritional lunches, transportation, and the list continues, is what w do at the center. Community support is how we are able to do just that.

A big thank you to all who participated, volunteered or supported the follies. The funds raised directly benefit the center,
Paula J. Benton
Director, JWH Oregon Senior Center




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