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Opt for private trash service
To the editor: I would like to suggest that we residents take back the control of our garbage collection. When we first moved out to this area, we took care of it ourselves. It was unlimited garbage pickup every week. We loved it. There were no problems. We considered it quite inexpensive for the service we received.

Then the township government took over, limiting us to two cans and twice-yearly unlimited pickup. The unlimited pickup is always on an early Saturday morning. This pretty much eliminates our family and anyone else who works 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. If you can't arrange your schedule around the government’s schedule, you have to wait another six months. When we contacted the trustee who was in charge at that time, we were perplexed by his explanation. It seemed to be based on little common sense.

We're willing to pay for our trash pickup because the service is worth it and the money currently being spent can be used for police. We would rather pay for the trash pickup than a tax hike. Why is raising taxes always the only solution?

Police are much more important than the garbage collections. Let’s not be like Toledo and choose garbage pickup over cops. I hope that trustees would consider that we are responsible enough to take care of arranging for our own garbage pickup. Take that money and put it toward the essentials, not trash it.
Tom and Diana Skaff

Support appreciated
To the editor: The German-American Festival would like to thank all of our friends for their patronage of our recent 44th Annual German-American Festival. It was our pleasure to inject a little Old World Germany and Switzerland into Oregon, Ohio. This event puts Oregon on the map with visitors coming from as far away as San Diego to attend the GAF.

We also thank our neighbors for their patience before, during and after the event. Special thanks go to the City of Oregon administration and employees, under the leadership of Mayor Marge Brown, including the police, fire, streets and other departments. Without this level of cooperation, it would be near impossible to operate our festival.

This year’s rain on Friday made things a bit more confusing for all. Because of the rain, it was necessary to use the parking lots at Starr, Fassett and Clay High schools. Our thanks go to the Oregon City School District, and in particular, Dean Sandwich, Terri Huss and the bus drivers who agreed to help ferry our patrons on their day off.

Again, thanks to all for your efforts on our behalf.

We hope to see you at our 45th Annual German-American Festival on Aug. 27, 28 and 29, 2010.
Timothy Pecsenye
Festival Chairman

Why there are elections
To the editor: My husband and I lived in Jerusalem Township for 25 years, and although you can see I am now a resident of Oregon, my thoughts will always be with the citizens of the township.

Over the years, I clearly recall there have been heated discussions regarding the township and how it should be governed. Whenever you have three people chosen for such a job there would always be differences of opinion.

However, in very recent years the tone of these discussions has changed, and not for the good. It seems inconceivable that meetings would get to the place where people are not allowed to voice their opinions, even to being escorted from the meeting by a sheriff's deputy, for heaven's sake.

There is something very wrong with the township governance at this time, and I urge all resident/voters of Jerusalem Township to study their options. And two final notes:
1) I have known Sandy Nissen for years. We worked together on the Jerusalem Journal and there is no finer resident of the township.
2) Although I cannot vote with you on Election Day, I still own property and pay my share of township taxes so I feel I have a right to express my opinion.

Please pay heed to just what is going on in your township.
Anne McLaughlin

Another way?
To the editor: I am writing to ask the Woodmore communities to vote no for the next levy that the school board will be asking for.

As a property owner, I am getting tired of always being the one to turn to when the school needs money. I am sure I am not alone. How many property owners are out there who are tired of always having to pay? Why is it up to us all the time? Isn’t there a way to have an income tax so everyone pays and not just property owners?

I have talked with a lot of people on fixed incomes who are property owners and they simply can’t afford another increase. For some, it’s getting to the point of having to choose between paying taxes or utilities or buying medications. It seems you take and take, and I, for one, simply can’t afford it anymore.

I am for education, but this time, there has to be another way. If you as a property owner are tired of increases, please vote no.
Gail Lutman

Get over it
To the editor: Ok. Let’s go over this again for Lois J. Murray. You have forgotten your husband was involved in the largest public records request scandal in Jerusalem Township history. It took months to produce the records. Did you forget he told the entire township about freezing our books only to have the Metro Press reveal it was a total hoax? Hey, let’s not forget your Don Murray was the guy who hired Karen Rogalski because he could not do his job and paid her too much money to do so.

He, Lois, was the first fiscal officer in history to have an assistant. Why are Rod Graffis and Joe Gray so worried about fiscal officer Julie Van Nest having the records at home? In my opinion, there is still something that Don, Joe, and Rod are very concerned about in the records at her house.

Surely after the election is over and Julie can focus on her job, she will certainly find what they are worried about and we will make sure that everyone is aware of it.

Lois, it has been nearly two years since Don lost the election. We all know why he lost and so do you. It was just spelled out for you in this letter, not to mention he did absolutely nothing to get elected, his arrogance certainly got in the way. The people spoke two years ago, so let it go. It was Don’s fault, no one else’s. In my opinion, Don is still directing Gray and Graffis behind the scenes to discredit Julie. They are both too ignorant to figure out that he ruined them also. Thanks Don.

If you are going to quote facts, make sure you quote them accurately. Quit being so miserable and stop worrying about everyone else and start worrying about yourself.
Jay Loar



Boy Scouts

Do you favor or oppose the Boy Scouts admitting girls?
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