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To the editor: Why are we Americans so complacent when we are now in the bloodiest monthly period of the eight-year war?

Aren’t we sick and tired of supporting an unnecessary war and incursions? How many sons and daughters are you willing to sacrifice on the altar of corporate greed? A senior military adviser tells us it is time “for the U.S. to declare victory and go home.” All this is being made possible by lobbyist dollars descending upon our legally bribable congress. We allow our politicians (the House) to pass a $636 billion military spending bill, meanwhile, we owe China $801.5 billion, 11 percent of all publicly held U.S. debt. On top of that, we are set to run a $ 1.85 trillion budget deficit this year.

Our President only serves two terms, so why do we let the others have lifetime positions, then give them lifetime pensions for one year serving? A quote says “ In politics, people give you what they think you deserve and deny you what they think you want.” Jefferson lamented, “When the people fear the government, that is tyranny. When the government fears the people, that is liberty,” We are the constituents and it is time for the government to listen to us. Lastly, why do we still have 70,000 American troops based in Germany after the Berlin Wall fell 20 years ago? I truly believe our military leaders have become warmongers.

Lets all tell our politicians we’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it any more.
Ted Georgoff

Not fair
To the editor: I am writing regarding the Oregon City Schools levy. I do not agree with the decision that Oregon Schools putting a levy on the ballot with our economy the way it is right now. No wonder it did not pass, and then for them to say that they were shocked that it did not pass.

I would like to ask the school board, what they are thinking in a time like this? And then for them to think about putting it on the November ballot. I have a suggestion for Oregon City Schools to help with the budget. They should make all our schools a pay-to-play program. That is, if you want to be in any sport you have to pay to be in that sport.

 It is not fair to our elderly who live in Oregon to have to pay a higher tax because our school is blaming the state for something that did not pass. I think that the school knew this was coming and just thought that they could go to the voters again for more money. Well I think that we have had it with them asking for more money.

I also am upset that the principals got a “raise” for moving to a different school. I think that this would help the budget if they would have not gotten a “raise.”

This is really not fair to the students who attend Jerusalem and Wynn schools. They have to share a principal. What good is a part-time principal going to be to the students? I think that Oregon Schools should have used their heads a little better when they were planning all these changes. Maybe they will start to think of these things before asking the taxpayers for more money.
Kelley Mahaney



Boy Scouts

Do you favor or oppose the Boy Scouts admitting girls?
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