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To the editor: I have been driving Woodville Road for over 35 years and continue to do so. While driving at certain times of the day can be more challenging than other times, common sense, courtesy and driver alertness are all that’s needed to proceed.

Accordingly, ODOT’S refusal for a light at Millbury Road and State Route 51 is absolutely correct. What this intersection should have are multi-red lights mounted to the stop signs increasing driver focus. Traffic at night or early morning is minimal at best.

Lowering the speed limit east of the mall to Millbury Road is also unwarranted. Thirty-five mph will only back up traffic and increase congestion.

Northwood’s support is strictly monetary. Their thinking is cops handing out speeding tickets will offset lost tax revenue from all the businesses leaving. This will become nothing more than a speed trap. I also suspect the number of accidents Lake Township trustees quoted is inflated and exaggerated or at least misleading in support of their biased cause.

The speed limit is just fine and always has been. If drivers were more attentive, courteous, and used common sense these problems wouldn’t exist.
Gary Snyder

Trading problems?
To the editor: Regarding the proposed speed limit reduction for State Route 51 through Lake Township. I have a concern that we may be trading one problem for another.

Personally, I have no objection to the lower limit but I am concerned that we may then have more head-on collisions as individuals who are in a hurry try to pass vehicles going the speed limit. Much of the time, I am passed as I go 35 mph through Northwood where there are four lanes. Would we expect the Highway Patrol and Lake Township Police to neglect other areas to patrol Route 51 and enforce the new speed limit? Will there be a double yellow centerline for the whole distance? Will people really leave 10 or 15 minutes earlier to allow for the increased transit time?

As is evidenced by all the protest over cameras at stoplights and speed vans, the current driving culture seems to be that lights and limits are an inconvenience that interrupt our too-busy lives. I live on State Route 163 between I-420 and Fostoria Road, a narrow, uneven stretch with some deep ditches. I admit that I was going 60 mph there the other day when one individual got on my rear bumper then went me around going at least 10-15 mph faster - flipping me off in the process. I caught up with him at I-420 as he waited to be able to cross so he didn't gain anything.

A stoplight at Millbury Road might be a better control for the traffic but there is still the concern about people trying to beat it. We have all seen cars going through intersections after the light has changed.

Unfortunately, there probably is no perfect solution for Route 51. Also, unfortunately, drivers will continue to be distracted and in a hurry.
Kay Baker



Boy Scouts

Do you favor or oppose the Boy Scouts admitting girls?
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