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To the editor: James and Mary Ellen Kohler and our family want to thank the following people and organizations for their kindness and assistance in the aftermath of our recent burglary and assault: The Sandusky County Sheriff’s Department and their detectives, the Gibsonburg Police Department, the 911 operators, the EMS personnel, the E.R. staff at Memorial Hospital, St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center Life Flight team and their E.R. and hospital staff and the North Central EMS.

In addition to these professionals are an incredible number of people who provided prayers, food, flowers, cards, clean-up, security lighting, carpentry services, phone calls, visits, donations to the reward fund and many other acts of kindness.

Words cannot express how grateful we are to every one of you. What’s more, you should know that your efforts have been vital to our physical and emotional healing process. In the early morning hours of July 2, 2009, our faith in humanity was badly shaken by the acts of three individuals. However, the tremendous outpouring of support that we have experienced since that day is overwhelming proof of the basic goodness of mankind. We are so thankful for the way you have taken care of our needs and we are forever in your debt.
The James Kohler Family

Editor’s note. Three suspects were arrested last week in the case.


Too little, too late
To the editor: Too little, too late. Just because Jerusalem Township trustees Joe Gray and Rodney Graffis reinstated the insurance for township employees doesn’t mean they earn re-election. If this wasn’t an election year, our employees would still be without insurance, but Gray and Graffis would still have their overpaid assistant, who filed a lawsuit against the township.

They have proven themselves irresponsible, disrespectful and incompetent. They have mistreated their office.

We will not forget tall their disgraceful actions and will vote for change. We will bring truth, honesty and integrity back to Jerusalem Township.
Marie Wilson
Jerusalem Township

Laws have purpose
To the editor: Regarding the article in The Press on July 13 about the speed van, my husband and I feel it is a good thing. If you don’t break the speed law, you don’t have to worry. If you are leaving 15 minutes late for your job, appointments, etc. and you feel you can speed and make it up, then you deserve a ticket. Laws are for a reason and for our safety. What a mess we would have if we had no laws.

Some people do not obey the speed limit in our subdivision and they are not all teenagers. They do not stop at the stop sign at the east end of Pintail Lane. If you stand on Pintail Lane and watch them turn the corner, you do not even see a brake light come on.

As for the statement no business has been hurt by the van, this is probably true. Our question is what business.

The last city council voted and promised to bring in some new restaurants and retailers. We cannot think of any. In fact, businesses are closing. We hear, “well, the economy is the reason.” Just look at Perrysburg and Oregon – they have new construction.

To name a few closing or soon to close: Elder Beerman, Fox Theater, Value City Department Store, Dalton Floor Covering, Value City Furniture, Steve & Barry, Foodtown and Mr. Emblem.

Woodville Mall looks like a ghost town and Great Eastern needs a face lift.

Most elderly people do not like to drive all over town to shop but for many items, there is no choice. They would rather keep the money and taxes in Northwood. We cannot have a good tax base if businesses continue to leave.

We sure hope that Sears and The Andersons don’t go.
Ethan and Joanna Remley

For the greater good
To the editor: The Lake Township Trustees would like to address some of the misconceptions mentioned in letters to The Press regarding actions the Trustees have taken on SR 51 and Millbury Road.

The trustees have been receiving requests from the residents and business owners of the Millbury area for a traffic light at SR 51 and Millbury Road for over 12 years. These are the folks and businesses who live and work in close proximity to the intersection and face the daily decision to use or avoid this intersection. By their statements to the Trustees over the years, it has become clear that many residents simply avoid this intersection because of the angled design which impairs the visual acumen of many drivers.

The traffic signal warrant system used by ODOT does not survey the local residents on how many avoid a dangerous intersection, or compile a computer scenario of the near-misses or unreported accidents that occur at such an angled intersection. As such, in determining the feasibility of a traffic light under this warrant system, an accurate assessment of said intersection is not possible.

During one of the several public meetings the Trustees have discussed the intersection and its perpetual problems, it was pointed out to the ODOT officials in attendance, that under the ODOT warrant system, dozens of people could be injured in a years period of time and the warrants system would not justify any traffic light. This seems to deify any common sense. During these meetings the Trustees have received unanimous support from the public in attendance for a traffic light.

On the issue of lowering the speed limit on the only 55 mph section of SR 51 in Wood County, this section of SR 51 is more akin to that of an urban roadway and the Trustees have made the decision for the public convenience, welfare and most importantly public safety to request the speed limit be reduced. The township’s police accident records show that 49 accidents have occurred along SR 51 in just the past five years, these are accidents that happen with a 55 mph speed limit.

Finally, for the above mention reasons the Trustees feel that the decisions they have taken are for the greater good, welfare and safety of the whole community in which we live.
Lake Township Trustees
Melanie Bowen
Richard Welling
Ron Sims




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