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Chuckling at column
To the editor: Brian Schwartz’s column brought a chuckle to me.

It was the Republican-controlled Ohio legislature that voted an end to the capital investment taxes in Ohio and they did the same in Michigan.

Both states have had dramatic cuts in education funding, something Republicans keep falsely claiming they support.

Republicans keep claiming they want lower taxes for everyone, but only businesses seem to get the tax breaks under them. At one time, in the `50s, businesses paid 90 percent of all taxes, now it’s 10 percent, with much of their money for the large corporations hidden overseas. The only alternative is privatization, which has always cost the taxpayers more and is also a Republican answer to everything.

I wholeheartedly supported the first school levy but I live on a retirement pension and I’m tired of Republicans like Schwartz sticking working people with the tax bills so they can help their business friends.
Albert Kapustar

What will it take?
To the editor: I would like to express my concerns on the request made by the Lake Township Trustees concerning getting a traffic light at SR 51 and Millbury Road. ODOT said it feels that a traffic signal doesn’t fit the trend.

So my understanding is, we need more deaths before ODOT thinks it should spend the money to prevent this from happening. I see - you want numbers. Just recently, on May 3, there was a fatal accident at that intersection, but I guess the loss of a couple of lives doesn’t warrant a traffic signal.

Again, taxpayers’ monies can be given to bail out big companies like AIG and all their rich cronies, but we can’t have a traffic signal on a potential dangerous road.

ODOT wants the few small business people to change their parking lot around so it will fix the problem there. Why should these small businesses have to do this? You certainly are not going to bail them out. This is your road and your responsibility to make that road as safe as possible. This isn’t fair for the people who live in that area and those of us who go to those small businesses. Like Mr. Welling said, what about the near-misses that occur there? It doesn’t fit our trend. When we approach that intersection, we know how dangerous it is, but what about the ones that have never traveled on it and aren’t aware of it? Just think – it could be one of your children and will ODOT then say the trend will change?

The loss of one life and only one life should open your eyes and the deep pockets of ODOT and make that a top priority to place a traffic signal. Where are all our local elected officials on this? Why are they not demanding some actions here? Only the ones who plan on running will probably get involved.

This isn’t a political issue, it’s a safety issue. Those in office should be looking into this. I’m not interested in the numbers. I want to save the lives of people who travel at that intersection.
Joann Schiavone

Tired of being cheated
To the editor: Since turning 70, I have been cheated by businessmen and I notice other old people getting cheated too.

There was the stockbroker who stole money from my portfolio while my wife was dying of cancer and I wasn’t paying attention to business. And the auto repair shop that ruined my tires and sold me a new set. And the other auto repair shop that charged me more than double for a brake job. And the auto mechanic that charged a lady friend $115 to replace her windshield wipers.

You say I should call the police, sue or call the Better Business Bureau. You’re kidding, right?

If I were younger, I would probably end up in jail trying to settle things as they were settled in my old neighborhood in 1940.

I am old and my time is running out, so I will become a champion for old people from the next world. I will punish crooks that cheat old people.

I promise no harm, illness or disaster to these business thieves. Instead, I will drive them mad with many daily irritations.

Wise men have said that on death, we go to a place of love and forgiveness and I may not be able to do what I plan.

In that case, I will put a Hungarian curse on them. With a Hungarian curse, you cannot sleep well until the curse is lifted.

Don’t cheat old people.
Louis Agoston aka “East Side Louie”




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