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Do your homework
To the editor: I thought it was necessary to let as many readers know just how pathetic two of our Jerusalem Township trustees are.

When Rod Graffis made a motion to cancel the health insurance and Joe Gray thought that was an excellent idea, he seconded the motion. Graffis is a man who has taken nearly $30,000 in illegal double-dip medical reimbursement money from our tax dollars, says auditor of state Mary Taylor. And Gray has had the good people of Jerusalem pay his health insurance for seven years and all of a sudden he finally holds a job long enough that an employer of his provides him with health benefits. Now it is time to cancel health insurance for the rest of the people.

I can assure you folks this was not decided on to try and save money. This was done purely out of spite and jealousy. If Graffis really wanted to save money for the township and really wasn’t serving the people for the money, then why on earth would he want to be reimbursed for health care his union was already providing – greed?

I urge you to compare both of these men’s resumes side by side with the candidates that are going to run against them and I am sure that there will be absolutely no comparison.

Gray and Graffis have run their courses. Let’s put some real men in office to lead this community in 2010. Do your homework and you will find it is time for change in Jerusalem Township. On November 3 please vote for change. 
Jay Loar

To the editor: The water study recently announced by Wood County Commissioner Tim Brown is just another attempt by an exclusive suburban area to export underfunded developmental cost to Ottawa County.

The narcissistic hopes, wishes and fantasies of residents of Perrysburg and Rossford for their unsustainable lifestyles have ended. The party is over. Empirical research by geologists, physicists and numerous scientists confirm this permanent paradigm shift. The current system is the most cost-effective system. Major demographic shifts out of the suburbs are inevitable. Natural resource depletions that are finite and increases daily guarantees this outcome.

The outrageous part of this new water system proposal is the asinine greed. This is not regionalism under any definition. A bailout of bad public policy in the past 25-30 years by Wood County can not be tolerated by the rest of the Northwest Ohio community.

Why support this new water system proposal? Some might say it is different to get a person to understand something when their salary depends on their not understanding it. The time has arrived for Wood County residents to mature both in their behavior and actions.

This irresponsible water proposal must be deleted. If Wood County residents want to go to Fantasyland, don’t ask everybody else to pay the freight.
Fred Kutz


Not betting on Woodville Rd.
To the editor: I certainly agree with some of Brian Schwartz’s views about Woodville Road (May 25 issue of The Press).

Woodville Road in Northwood does give the appearance of a “dying strip.” Also the “east side” certainly has enough money to support quality stores along Woodville Road.

Will it be possible to turn Woodville Road around? It might be possible, but I would not put money on it for several reasons. First, residents can and will support “quality stores.” I don’t think the firms that might open stores realize this. Also people don’t want one or two – they need a whole array of stores. How many people would drive four or five miles to shop at one store when they can travel a little further and shop at Westgate, Westfield, Route 20 Rossford/Perrysburg or on Route 25 in Perrysburg where the selection is so much better?

I also think Mr. Schwartz should take off his “rose-colored glasses” when he views the “vibrancy” of Navarre Avenue in Oregon. What have we in this two-mile stretch of road? We have a few gas stations, several drug stores, 30 or so fast-food places, chain restaurants and second- or third-tier restaurants. Couple this with a few decent businesses and this is a “vibrant” Navarre Avenue in Oregon?

While the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge was under construction, Mayor Brown told the people in Oregon that as soon as the bridge was finished, great things would happen in Oregon. Well, what did happen is that it is now a lot easier for residents of Oregon to get over to west Toledo to shop.

Will Woodville Road become a major shopping area and will Navarre become anything but “fast-food alley?” I don’t think it will occur in my or my children’s lifetime.
Clifford Smith




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