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Business friendly?
To the editor:  Not many things come to Oregon that help the retail business along Navarre Avenue - maybe some Cedar Point buses once in awhile.

One thing that did help was the Oregon Dream Cruise at the old Food Town. The lot was packed with old cars, along with hundreds of spectators. These people filled the restaurants and other shopping outlets along Navarre Avenue. It was a great thing for all retail outlets.

Now the city, for some reason, decides to move the Dream Cruise from the business area of Oregon to the Seaman Road city buildings. No restaurants. No spectators. No shopping outlets. If this is a business-friendly city, they sure don’t show it by moving this cruise away from the business area.

Whose idea was it to do this?
Jerry Thompson

Speak out
To the editor: I recently read about an unspeakable tragedy that was just narrowly averted because of the courageous act of just one person.

Eight starving horses were wasting away in a field while their owners consistently failed to provide food, water or basic veterinary care. The horses ate bark off the trees in a desperate attempt to stave off their hunger, but it wasn’t enough – they were slowly dying. Thankfully, a neighbor saw the horses suffering and decided she couldn’t look the other way. She called a local veterinarian and that set the wheels in motion for a rescue operation to save the horses. Unfortunately, the recue came too late for one horse, but the survivors are now thriving in their new environment.

It is disturbing and even heartbreaking when you witness an act of animal cruelty, but each of us has the power to put a stop to it. Any time you suspect animal abuse, your first call should be to your local humane society, animal control or to the police. Get them out there to investigate. Whether it is a neighbor’s pet being treated cruelly, cats and dogs at a local pet store, or animals at a breeder’s facility being kept in filthy, crowded conditions – if it’s animal abuse, it’s against the law.

I urge the citizens of this community to join with me and speak out against animal abuse wherever and whenever they see it. Innocent animals are depending on us to be their voice.
Sheila Schlievert

Is Envirosafe adequate?
To the editor: This pertains to the article in The Press dated April 6 pertaining to adding more monitoring wells off site.

Why wouldn’t the Ohio EPA put more wells off site? Is it because it would prove that this agency has continually supported the dump?

This dump has many notices of deficiency (NODs), but this agency clearly said, “the network at Envirosafe is adequate.”

With the most recent indictment of an ex-employee of this dump for not reporting the proper information on documents that are required by law that must be reported to the very agency overseeing this leaking dump, who are we to believe that everything there is “adequate,” as Ms. Ackerson from the Ohio EPA said in the article?

If the documents were not provided and/or are just missing and they were cited for this, once again it gets a slap on the wrist. This dumpsite is now leaking off site into the pubic right of way and yet the agency is saying it’s OK to pollute the neighbor’s property as long as it gives us $2-plus million every year.

Since when have the laws changed to allow others to pollute your property and nothing will be done to stop the polluters? We have now been told that the Phase II will not be done for another year. Will this company leave us as soon as it depletes the closure/post closure fund? Who will have to pay for the mess it made? Ohio EPA? The city of Oregon taxpayers?

The US EPA should intercede here and do a full investigation. I would like an audit to be done because of this indictment and the missing records. The Ohio EPA is supposed to be protecting the residents in the state. Have they forgotten they work for us? The health and safety of this community and surrounding communities are in question. Where are all the elected officials? Why haven’t they been concerned as to what happens here? Why haven’t they demanded a full investigation into the missing records? It appears the only time they have an interest in this dump is when they are running for office.

City of Oregon officials have been fighting this leaking dump for a very long time. Where are the City of Toledo politicians? Our water lines were there before the dump. Did they even review them? I would suggest the City of Toledo look at a letter dated June 24, 2008 from the OEPA to Envirosafe addressing the waterline trench monitoring program inspection violations.

We as residents need to start asking why the Ohio EPA Director continues to allow this dump to take money out of the post-closure/closure fund to do pay for corrective action, when this company is in non-compliance of its permit. This needs to be stopped. Make them pay from their daily profits and keep that money where it belongs to protect us when the decide to leave.

Call your elected officials and demand that this be stopped.
Joann Schiavone

To the editor: On March 19, 20 and 21, Lake High School presented the most amazing performance of “Beauty and the Beast.”

I feel credit should be given to the director, Rick Brimmer, and his production crew. The cast was fantastic. It is unusual to see so many talented students in a performance. Belle (Jenson Strock) and the Beast (Evan Matheny) were outstanding.

Many thanks should also be given to the stage and set crew for moving so fast and to the orchestra that performed in the pit.

Lake High School, you should be proud.
Judy Schuster

To the editor: I have just read Brian Schwartz’s rebuttal to Councilman Bill Meyers.

What an arrogant, obnoxious dolt. No wonder Carty got rid of him. I hope The Press is the next to eject him.
Gerald Wilson






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