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Unsafe voyage
To the editor: As a former Coast Guard Boarding Officer I continue to find myself in agreement with those who would fine the “rescued” including many in the rescue business.

After several days of weather forecasts calling for temps in the 50s and strong south to southwest winds, the “crew” of the ice raft cannot claim ignorance of conditions.

The ice raft was boarded by means of a gangway, provided with sails consisting of the crew and their equipment, with no means of mooring or directional control, no personal floatation devices were worn by the crew and there was no marine radio aboard to inform the crew of potential passage of vessels whose wake could have broken said ice raft into smaller units. This is a definitive description of a manifest unsafe voyage and should be treated as such by the Coast Guard.

The resulting fines would then be shared by the responding authorities, defraying some of the cost to those who put their own lives at risk for the unbelievably massive stupidity of others.

I have no objections to ice fishing but anyone going out on the water needs to recognize the hazards and prepare accordingly or be prepared to pay in one way or another.
Bill Reed

A right to speak out
To the editor: I would like to respond to the remark that the mayor of the Village of Walbridge made in The Sentinel-Tribune Feb. 19 pertaining to the proposal for contracting out the police department to Lake Township.

I was criticized for having the initiative and the love for my community to obtain this proposal to introduce in a public forum to the members of council, the residents and the mayor, who, I might add, was not in attendance.

I wasn’t aware that I needed his permission to take time out of my day to do this. I’m a private citizen with concerns that were being made without even investigating other options.

Perhaps this mayor needs to be reminded he is a public servant. He works for us and we have the right to question any decisions being made in his office.

I felt that council should be made aware that this proposal does exist and give them the opportunity to look at all services and benefits this proposal will give to this community.

It allows 24/7 protection and the benefits and money saved for this community far outweigh what is being presented to us. We would see much more visibility of police cars because they are a larger department. It certainly isn’t my fault that he made a rash decision before obtaining all options, and then informed the general public this is how it’s going to be.

I understand he is concerned about the officers’ jobs if they would take this route. I was assured by the chief in Lake Township that they would all have an opportunity to apply for positions within this department for the township would have to hire more full-time officers. The mayor also said my figures were wrong. In 2007, the actual amount spent was $466,914.91 and in 2008, the actual cost was $456,730.05. The appropriation for 2009 is $410,721.61. The proposal from Lake Township was quoted as $350,000, and I was told it could possibly be less.

Now that the police chief in the village has resigned (he was quoted in the paper as saying “differences of opinion), I thought this would be the right time to see what it would cost this village for outsourcing this department.

It was also said by the mayor and council that they are going to hire a full-time chief. Doesn’t this present an increase in appropriations? We would have excellent protection from a police department that comes highly respected and doesn’t have the turnover that our police department has.

It’s been like this forever. This mayor was quoted saying this would limit his control. Why? If Lake Township should take over and there were any problems, he would have the authority to question it.

Under the Ohio law, we are entitled to request public documents and that is exactly what I did. This mayor will not take my freedom of speech. That is the American way.
Joann Schiavone

Obtain records now
To the editor: This letter will inform your readers that effective April 6, new Ohio law mandates that nearly all military veterans’ service discharges on file in the Ottawa County Recorders Office will no longer be a “public record.”

These records will not be open for inspection and the public may not purchase copies of them for 75 years after they are recorded.

Currently, these records are available to everyone. Genealogists, historians and family members of veterans are among those who look at them and often purchase copies. However, as of April 6, only a person designated as an “authorized party” under Ohio Revised Code Section 317.24 may see or copy the records.

If you want to look at or obtain copies of military service discharges locally, do it soon. The last day to do so will be April 3.

Come to the Recorder’s Office, room 204 in the Ottawa County Courthouse, 315 Madison St., Port Clinton. The staff will help you find the document. A veteran may obtain a copy of his/her discharge at no cost. For others, the fee will not exceed $2 per page.
Virginia M. Park
Ottawa County Recorder

Applauding the effort
To the editor: To the Citizens of Harbor View,
I applaud your recent show of solidarity concerning the FDS coke plant. As a citizen of Oregon, I too oppose this “black eye” that will surely be detrimental to all of our communities and water ways. I am astounded that those people who claim no harm will befall our environment would suddenly put a price tag on it.

I am especially proud of Mayor Carl Stanoyevic for standing up to this company and not letting the almighty buck prevail. Other community leaders need to follow your lead and do what is right, listen to their constituents, and see the big picture beyond the dollar signs. Yes, we are in desperate need of jobs, but at what cost? Living in a community that has recently felt the effects of a 17 percent tax hike, I expect more.

We deserve better.

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.” - Edward Abbey
Nichole Cordell





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