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Constructive fun
To the editor: I find it very amusing that Mr. Caldwell wrote you in regards to the fourth-grade class that did the trial of B.B. Wolf vs. Curly Pig.

He compared it to an OJ trial. If he had been there, he would have seen that it was far from this. This particular fourth-grade class, whose members were selected for being gifted and talented, meets once a week. They had to learn all their lines by heart.

Thanks to Judge Keller letting them use his courtroom, they were able to get the actual feel of a courtroom. Of course, they did not use a script of a rape or a murder. They used characters that they as fourth-graders could relate to. It was constructive fun, but it also was educational for them to play the parts of attorneys, a judge, victim, defendant, prosecutor and the jury.

It is also interesting to know that all evidence did point to Curly Pig being guilty. I observed this myself as the trial went on. These kids are learning different types of job avenues by doing this sort of re-enactment. They also got a tour of the jail and an area of the Oregon Municipality Complex. What a privilege and experience for them.

Mr. Caldwell missed some great kids doing something they will remember for a long time. I thank the Oregon School system for their creativeness in helping kids love to learn. We raised five children in the Oregon Schools and I wouldn’t change any of those years anywhere else.
Mitzie Vance

More false hope
To the editor: I need to respond to the article in The (Toledo) Blade. The headline read: “Questions Outweigh Clues to Cancer Cluster in Clyde.”

If memory serves me, I do believe that was the same headline back in 1986 when there were five cases of leukemia in a five-mile radius and many more cases of brain, stomach (cancer), etc. in the Wood County area - three cases just on one block in Walbridge.

A leukemia study, not a cancer study, was done here, and the state health department from Columbus did the study and guess what? The same person, Robert Indian, did the study.

I wasn’t impressed with him back then and think very little of him 23 years later. Same person, same agencies, same unanswered questions. He will soon be telling the people of Clyde, that perhaps what was in the area when their children became ill is gone. That was the answer I received from this man. Then came the watered-down study.

When the Krumanakers made the comment about their study in Marion, Ohio, “…the truth never got out as to what happened there.” You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. It clearly tells you that when you build a school on top of a World War II dump and it borders an industrial park, that you could suffer the consequences some years later.

What were they thinking when they did this? The money for cheap let’s build a school on it. They found benzene and high levels of radiation, and yet nobody ever went on record saying that either caused its former students to get leukemia. So do you really, truly believe that this study that they are doing in Clyde is going to be any different?

I have no faith in either one of these agencies to do any more studies. I will tell you one thing: if you are going to wait around until they try to come up with another unanswered study and allow more children in the Clyde area to get sick, I would suggest you parents seek out someone else other than those two public agencies to help out on this most scary and devastating outbreak of cancer in this community and all the others that seemed to be forgotten.

That also happened in Tiffin, Walbridge, Wood County. The same answer was given to them by Mr. Robert Indian: Absolutely nothing there that is significantly higher than we expect.

Well, if you don’t look for what caused this I guess that would be the answer to this. Did they also find out something and no one came forward like in Marion, Ohio? If I were living in Clyde, I would be asking some agency that is outside the state of Ohio to step in and bring along much more qualified people to take over with much more expertise than what we have here.

We can land a man on the moon, but we can’t find out what has made our children so sick, and so many of them. My heart goes out to those children and to the parents who have to see their child suffer day in and day out. I have been there, back in 1986, to see my 15-year-old fight for life. Today, he is a healthy young man, but that doesn’t change what he had to go through to get where he is today. God bless those other two young men on our block. They didn’t have the chance to live on.

Time is being wasted on a lot of paperwork. These children and their parents need answers as to what is happening. Please, I beg of you residents, stand behind these children and their parents. Demand answers, not another watered-down study, and to have to hear that it’s their diet, or whatever else Robert Indian tells you. He may even tell you parents what he told me: “Whatever was here is probably gone.”

Easy answer for him, but not good enough for me or whatever comments he will be making pertaining to this cluster. To Bob Seifert, whose wife died of breast cancer, yes you can win when you have to fight the government. The way you win is to come in numbers. Stand together and your voices will be heard, but only in large numbers do our politicians ever understand and do something about it.

If you don’t do this it will only go on deaf ears. God bless those children and their parents. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
Joann Schiavone



Gas Prices

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