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Time affects virtually every aspect of your life. Time only moves forward. There is no going back. Time can't be saved or made up. Time seems to go by faster each year. Times goes by like a flash when you are happy and having fun and drags endlessly when you are not.

A big time trap is waiting for things to happen. Although circumstances can change over time, passively waiting for this to occur is very ineffective. A more successful strategy is taking action now in order to make things happen.

Although you decide how proactive you are, there is no way to know how much time it will take to accomplish any particular objective. Patience is as essential as action. Since there is no way to know how close you are to your goal, you must keep persevering. Always remember that failure only occurs when you give up.

The effect of water on stone is a great illustration of the cumulative effects of action over time. A single drop of water has no impact whatsoever on a rock. Yet billions of drops of water over eons create landscapes as stunning as the Grand Canyon.

Success takes both time and effort. The key is being persistent and consistent. It really doesn't matter how long a journey takes because time goes by anyway. So you may as well be spending your time working toward something you want.

Just as time is required to build, time is as needed to maintain. For example, once a house is constructed, it takes time and effort to keep it in good shape. Any structure that is ignored will collapse over time.

Achieving a goal is wonderful. You must then devote enough time to maintaining your goal. Landing your dream job is certainly a great accomplishment. In order to keep your job you need to spend enough time doing everything expected of you.

It's common to hear time used as an excuse. There is not enough time. It will take too much time. I'm too young. I'm too old. Excuses prevent accomplishments. Stop making them. Now is the time to start down your chosen path. You will never be as young as you are today.

Those people with lots of time on their hands, who don't have a specific direction, easily become bored. The statement, "I have some time to kill," indicates someone is in this situation. Your life can be as rich and exciting as you make it. It's a shame to drift along without any meaningful goals.

Unfortunately we encounter adverse circumstances we have to deal with. These cause negative emotions such as grief, sadness, stress, and worry. These feelings can fade in intensity over time. Healing is a process that cannot be rushed. Each person is different in how much time they require.

Time only moves forward, and you should also. The most important time is the present. What you do with your time is up to you. Lamenting the past or worrying about the future is a waste of time.

Learn from the past while taking action to prepare for the future. Action is essential to moving in your desired direction or reaching a specific goal. Treat each day as the gift it is. Rather than waiting for opportunity, create opportunity.

Each day is a brand new opportunity to assess where you are, decide where you want to go, and then do whatever is necessary to get there. Life is not a practice run. Use the time you have to create the life you want.


NOW AVAILABLE: "Dare to Live Without Limits," the book. Visit or your bookstore. Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write him c/o this paper. © 2014 Bryan Golden

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