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A friend to animals
To the editor: Animals have lost a dear friend with the passing of comic great Sid Caesar. Sid had a huge heart for animals, especially dogs, and he and his family adopted several dogs from animal shelters and rescue groups over the years.

In an article in Los Angeles’ “The Pet Press” magazine, Sid said that animals are “really true friends. And if you want animal friends, please get them from the pound. They appreciate it. A little love, a little food, and you’ve got friends for life.”

If you’re looking for a new best friend, please help keep Sid’s legacy of compassion alive by opening your heart and home to a needy dog or cat at a shelter instead of buying animals from breeders. There are thousands of sweet, healthy dogs and cats waiting in animal shelters everywhere, longing for a kind person to take them home and make them part of their family. To find out more, please visit
Paula Moore
The PETA Foundation

Appalled and disgusted
To the editor: Are there any Oregon residents out there who are appalled and disgusted by being misled to prove we needed a senior levy?

We are shown “facts and figures” to show the need. A levy presented with untruths proved a “levy not needed” at all. So much for our leaders and honesty.

Now the money from that levy is burning a hole in their pockets, so let’s throw a little here and a little there, but not give us the new or improved senior center we voted for – accomplishing nothing. Let’s all watch carefully how this money is spent. But be wise...don’t expect voters to believe you again when you ask for another levy for anything specific.
Norma Newell

Opposes death penalty
To the editor: In response to Ms. Schiavone’s letter published in the Feb. 17 issue of The Press about the execution of Dennis McGuire for murder, we call ourselves a Christian nation. As Christians we are called to forgive.

I will readily admit that if Dennis McGuire had committed such an act against my family, I would find it very hard to extend forgiveness. But nonetheless, I would still be called to forgive. We live in a disposable society. Tired of your partner? File for divorce. An unwanted or inconvenient pregnancy? Have an abortion. The killing of innocent persons in a military action is collateral damage. The profits of insurance companies are more important than providing decent health care. Need to solve problems involving criminals? Execute them.

The Catholic Church, and especially the late Pope John Paul II, have called for a consistent ethic of life. Executions violate that consistent ethic of life. During his 1999 visit to St. Louis, John Paul II specifically stated that the death penalty is no longer needed to protect society from criminals. From a practical standpoint, executions cost a great deal of taxpayer money, much more than life imprisonment. The average time from conviction to execution is 17 years. That statistic does not support the idea of closure for victims, swift justice or deterrence.

Innocent people have been executed in the past, which is the main reason Illinois and other states have abolished the death penalty.

A recent example in Ohio was the release of Derrick Jamison in 2005 one day before his scheduled execution. His release was obtained because the prosecution withheld critical evidence from the defense. Pharmaceutical manufacturers have refused to sell to states, including Ohio, that use their drugs for executions. Western European countries have abolished the death penalty. Maybe others are trying to tell the State of Ohio something. The question is, are the elected leaders and citizens of Ohio listening? Not only is the death penalty seriously flawed, it is an affront to the dignity of human life. Ohio is using my tax dollars to commit legalized murder in my name.

I agree with Rev. Robert Schramm, why do we kill to show that killing is wrong?
Donald Rozick




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